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What a wonderful OPEN DAY!!

Thank you to everyone who joined us last weekend! Can you believe a week has flown by already, but I have been so busy contacting interested parents and meeting with all of you who could not make it to our wonderful Open Day!

It was an incredible day enjoyed by all and it was so special for me to see the school being enjoyed by the children it was built for!

Can’t wait to get started!!

To Everyone who worked so hard to make our Open Day such a success, I can not thank you enough.

Please read my looooong THANK YOU list below

Love Anita

Thank you to my wonderful teachers Lindsey and Claire and especially Melany and Patricia for all the late hours, inspiration and creativity. I am so happy to be working with such talented, motivated teachers!

Thank you too to our wonderful assistants, Carloine, Sibo, Evah and Busi, who worked so hard to get the school in shape and looked after children so well on the day.

Sarah, Lucas, Beatrice and Peter, you have helped so much. Thank you for all your extra effort.

To my children, Daniela and Leo, thank you for being so good and patient while I have been working, for always making me happy and giving me such wonderful cuddles!

Luisa, thank you for your encouragement and all the hours of looking after Daniela and Leo.

My Tiago, you have been there for me every step of the way. Thank you for your constant love and support and never ending patience!! You make my life beautiful, you have given me everything I have ever wanted and you keep me and everything around me organised!! I love you. Thank you too for these beautiful photos!

Tim and Tee, we are finally out your house! Thank you for putting up with all the planning, and the craziness, you have been stars. You kept my chin up and were always there for me. You are so precious to me.

Ryan, Chiara and Christopher, thank you for being so patient and understanding through this whole process and for all the help you put in when ever you could.

Mom and Dad, I can not express how grateful and happy I am. Thank you for everything you have done to make this dream a reality. It is spectacular! I don’t think that any of us could ever have imagined how beautiful it would be when we started this project. Daddy, I don’t think you have ever worked this hard!! So much for retirement! Without your experience and wisdom and funding, none of this would have been possible. Mommy, thank you for always keeping us strong, focused on what is important and for feeding us and looking after your little munchkins so beautifully! They adore you. I love you both so much!! We will make you proud!


OPEN DAY INVITATION! Please join us for a fun filled day!

Wow! It has been so busy on site! I am looking forward to sharing this magical place with everyone on Open Day, but also terrified at how fast the BIG DAY is approaching!

It is so exciting to watch the building transforming into a SCHOOL!

So please pray for good weather and hope to see you all there :-)

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