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Catch Up Photo’s :-)

Hi Everyone,

Still waiting patiently for Little Max’s arrival!

It has been a while… sorry! So I am posting photo’s from the last 3 weeks!

Beautiful art from Ponds and frogs week and some lovely pictures from our pond picnic.

Recycling week and Creepy Crawly Insects week art projects! (more…)

Our World and Recycling week!

Thank you to everyone who has shown so much enthusiasm in getting our recycling program at EcoKids kick started.

Our first collection of paper will be collected this week! Nearly a cube and a half of paper! Please remember: you can use the school as a drop off point for GLASS, TIN and PAPER recycling! (more…)

EcoKids – A home away from home

The house and home theme this week was wonderful, and despite the rain we really enjoyed ourselves playing house all over the school!

It is so nice for me to see how comfortable the children are all feeling in their school space. They anticipate the routines, they know how we behave when we walk from the class to the studio or the kitchen, they sit on their own little spaces during ring time and roll up their own yoga mats!! I am sure many of you would be surprised at just how helpful and obliging your children are! Giving children small chores and responsibilities gives them a huge sense of pride and accomplishment, so try and introduce small tasks to your child’s daily life. Start small with things like, put your dirty clothes in the wash basket or take your plate to the sink….

We sang a song this week that may help you introduce chores in a fun way. It goes like this

This is where I put dirty clothes, dirty clothes
Dirty clothes
This is where I put dirty clothes
In my house, in the bathroom

This is the way I clear my plate, clear my plate
Clear my plate
This is the way I clear my plate
In my house in the kitchen

This is the way I pack my toys, pack my toys

Pack my toys
This is the way I pack my toys
In my house in my bedroom




Indoor play

We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful indoor play space. Even when the children could not run and climb outside they still got a chance to get their wiggles and giggles out!

A very busy kitchen

The kitchen has produced another wonderful week of delicious meals. The more the children have relaxed into the routine of snack time and meal time, the more EATING is being done! This week we had loads of seconds being served!! Even our new little Playful Pups who started this week, followed their friend’s examples and tucked in!

Dinky Little Donuts

Yaya Katie was extremely popular this Friday! She made mini little donuts with all the children, showing them step by step all the ingredients that go into the batter, explaining how to measure milk, counting spoonful’s of flour and cracking eggs into the batter! She then let them each have a turn  mixing and stirring. They waiting patiently as the mini donut maker magically turned their batter into cute little donuts! Their were quite a few wow’s and giggles, such sweet reward for the effort.

The children then decorated donuts with the colour of the week’s favourite food… brown chocolate! I hope they shared at least a bite with you!







Mud Pie Kitchen = HAPPINESS!

When I told my Dad “We have to build a Mud Pie Kitchen!”, he looked at me the same way he did when I said to him..” I want to build a pre-school!”…. a mix of, you’re crazy but OK, I’m listening.

In true style he got on with the project and in no time the structure was up! What a WONDERFUL place! It even has granite counter tops from the sink cut outs from the main kitchen! A lovely roof for shade which also makes it so cosy, the children really feel like it is a special kitchen for them to cook up a storm!

We brought in all the bits and bobs that we had collected and THANK YOU so much to the parents who donated utensils and equipment! The final product is a masterpiece and a child’s imagination’s wonderland!

Neither myself nor my Dad could have ever anticipated the levels of excitement and enjoyment that we have observed since the Mud Pie Kitchen’s grand opening on Thursday! We are both THRILLED!

The conversation, sharing and collaboration we have witnessed has been unbelievable!

WARNING: If your kids come home muddy, just know that they have had FUN!

Thank you Nonno Patrick for this AMAZING play space! (Now we want a Bike Garage please :-) , with a petrol pump)




Pet and Vet Week was so much Fun!

Our Pets

It was so wonderful to hear the children woofing, meowing, chirping and squeaking as they walked around the school! They hopped to the art studio like bunnies and swam back to class like fish! Every trip a different pet, too adorable!  BUT… the big excitement was our own class pets arriving this week! Thank you to Teacher Claire who has donated the most beautiful hamster cages and organised two beautiful baby hamsters for the Playful Pups and Busy Bugs. We welcome Lollipop and Jelly Bean to our school family! Teacher Lindsey brought fish and birds for us to observe the whole week long and Erin from the Playful Pups even brought in a pet baby chicken!


Pet Shop

The teachers discussed all aspects of pets as the children “shopped” at the Pet Store. We counted legs and discussed wings and beaks. Where they live and what they eat. Fur, feathers, scales. Claws, paws, wings and fins. Cages, kennels, baskets, bowls… so many fun things to talk about!!


The Vet

They cared for their pets and took their sick animals to the vet. They checked eyes and ears and hearts and gave their pets, animal medicine to get well quickly :-)



We sang “How much is that doggie in the window”, “Once I caught a fish alive” and many other songs that taught us about the sounds that different animals make and the way they move.

Pet Art

Art was a lot of fun had making all the different animals! The Playful Pups made cats, goldfish and rock hamsters. They painted with feathers and made amazing bird feeders from pine cones! The  Busy Bugs made tropical fish, beautiful fish tanks and gorgeous pet lizards. They all made beautiful parrots on pegs, it was too cute to see them all eating lunch with their pet birds perched on their shoulders! Thank you to my amazing and creative teachers xxx


Role Playing

The teachers made all the boys puppy ears and all the girls kitty ears. Everyone got whiskers and little black noses! I have never seen so many cute cats and dogs ever! They played in the card board box kennels, woofed and meowed and had a ball!



We worked a lot on vocabulary this week as pets are something that all the children easily identify with and expressed a lot of interest. Please speak to your children as much and as often as possible, talk about everything around you, all the time! The more they hear the more they will absorb and the more they will be able to communicate clearly.

Pet Food

The kitchen joined in the pet fun this week! We were amazed with their creativity! The children enjoyed hot dogs on Tuesday, bunny chow made with KFC mini loaves on Wednesday, Gold Fish with beautiful carrot scales on Thursday and Pigs in blankets on mash on Friday! It was a feast! Well done Katie and Caroline!