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SSSeriously ssssslippery sssscaley sssstufff! by Wild and Earthly

EcoKids took discovering reptiles to a new level last week! Wow did we have fun!

We slithered like snakes, shot out our tongues like chameleons, hid in shells like tortoises and snapped like crocodiles. We made reptiles of all descriptions and discussed them as got creative. Their colours, scales, tongues, teeth, cold skin and weird eyes! The Busy Bug’s even made a terrarium! What a word!

Baking was exciting as we rolled out snakes and covered them with sugar crystal scales. In the oven they spread into fat pythons though!

We were visited by a pair of tortoises…Thank you to Lyla’s grandparents for bringing in Tortie and Maggie, What a wonderful lesson we all had listening to Lyla’s granny explain all about their shells, diets and habits. Maggie was huge and really heavy….Lucky Lyla’s Grandpa is so strong!

And then of course there was the reptile show! I have never seen such wide eyes and amazed little faces all sitting still in one spot. Lisa from Wild and Earthly put on a wonderful display of reptiles for the children on Wednesday morning. We got to see a leopard tortoise, a corn snake, a monitor lizard, a bearded dragon and a red tailed boa…. and the children got to stroke most of them too!! Teacher Claire was VERY brave and is held in new esteem by the children as she held Betty the boa!

I have a new love for reptiles after such a fun week :-)


Have a look at the pictures from the Wild and Earthly reptile show!


Meal Times at EcoKids!

So many parents have been asking me for recipes and ideas regarding the meals we are serving at EcoKids.

I can honestly say that the food is DELICIOUS! Kiddie gourmet by Katie and Caroline.

The love and care taken in putting these meals together impresses me everyday!

Consideration is taken when planning the meals from every aspect, the nutritional value, freshness of the ingredients, allure for the children and even trying to sometimes fit into the weeks theme.

The children are eating so well, we are so proud of how much they have matured. So many of the little Playful Pups are feeding themselves with a fork or a spoon, finishing their food and carrying their plate to the trolley. So beautiful to see how much they have grown.

Here are some pictures of meals that the children have enjoyed recently.