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EcoKids Annual Art Expo

Thank you so much to all the parents and family who took part in our Annual Art Expo and Auction! Even though the lights went out in the afternoon and only came on as I was reading the winning bids… the event was a staggering success. The 80 odd candles lit made for a very dreamy and romantic mood, the drinks were cold and the music was on so all in all… it worked out beautifully. The Teachers took great care in displaying the children’s art and I am sure you all agree that the work was as beautifully showcased …

SA Hat Parade!

Thank you for showing your SA Pride to the fullest! We can always count on our EcoKids parents to out do themselves! The children had a wonderful time and displayed such amazing pride in their creations.    

Year-old Atlanta hill town contains watering system that is superior

Winning essay from a state ninja-essay competitiveness, in which the community was requested to think on the ASPIRATION Work. Zacatecas: the label for Mexico written by the indigenous individuals who inhabited the area’s North Central spot. It’s likewise the title of the state where I had been born twenty-three years back. It is a location abundant with magic exploration along with colonial record and current culture. It is a location I have several memories of and recognize mainly through the World Wide Web textbooks and social media.