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Smart Squad – Grade R Graduation 2017

Well done Smart Squad we could not be more proud of you!

These amazing children put on such a show! From their opening dance, to the songs and rhymes they performed to the fact that they THEMSELVES cooked Graduation Dinner for their families and set the tables for a delicious banquet where they themselves served the food they had prepared! What amazingly competent and efficient children.

You have impressed us in every way.

To Adam, Connor, Kaylin, Milla, Olivia and Tyler

You are capable, independent, organised and efficient!

You are kind, compassionate and well mannered!

You are intelligent, free thinking and inquiring!

You are brave, risk taking and open minded!

You are fit, athletic and energetic!

You are confident, well spoken and ready!


We are so proud of you

Love Teacher Anita, Teacher Claudia and all the Teachers and staff at EcoKids Preschool

Dream Big Young Ones!


Today you are You, that is truer than true.

 There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”    Dr Suess


A Doctor Suess inspired speech from Anita

And we are so proud of our young graduate yous

Cause today is the day we celebrate that too!

Prouder than proud it is cooler than cool!.

Because now you’re done at EcoKids Preschool!

It’s hard for us to believe that the time has come

for you children…. our babies, to go to Grade 1!

Your mommies and dad put trust in us

Tried to say good bye with out too much fuss

The trust they placed was in the biggest way

To help teach you and mould you in every way

into the clever young humans I see before me today.

 You started school with nerves up to the sky,

with nappies and blankies and the occasional cry!

But looking back then and looking right now!

All I can say is Wow Wow Wow!

And now the special time has come

for us to say congrats! “ Well done!!”

We have happy hearts, seeing you ready

Oh so ready and ever so steady!

Even though it is hard to say goodbye,

we can say it without starting to cry

Because in our mind we know it is true!

You will remember the lessons we taught you.






Art Expo 2017

What a beautiful and successful evening our Art Expo was. Everyone who attended was filled with creative inspiration. Thank you to all attendees and to the Playful Pups and Busy Bugs parents for all the yummy treats and to Tiago for the beautiful photos.

Enjoy the photos.

Charity Christmas Party for Nyleti House

Once again we had a spectacular day at Nyleti house! Thank you to all the parents who contributed so generously to make these beautiful children a lot happier at Christmas!


Ecokids Pyjama Day 2016

On the 1 July 2016 we had all the children and EcoKids staff dress up for our Annual Pyjama day, The children all looked too cute…
Check out the gorgeous photos taken by the very talented Tiago Nazareth below:

Ecokids Bike-A-Thon 2016

What an exceptional day it was! The children responded so well and everyone had an amazing time filled with loads of laughter.

This will definitely become a permanent event in our EcoKids calendar going forward.

Thank you Tiago Nazareth for capturing the joy and enthusiasm on our little cyclists faces!

From the little kids to the big kids we are very impressed with their confidence and bike riding ability.

Well done to all!

Ecokids Concert 2016

Dear Parents,

Here are our gorgeous pictures from our Ecokids Concert for 2016.

Thank you to Tiago Nazareth for taking such amazing photos!


Ecokids Mini Concert

Hi Moms and Dads,

Please see pics below from our mini concert that was held on Saturday the 2nd of April.

These were all taken from different parents as we are waiting for the professional ones to be loaded, so in the meantime happy viewing :)

Birthday Blog

Ecokids Birthday Blog

Once a month we celebrate birthday ring for the children that were born in that month, as we try and limit the intake of sugar and sweets.

We have a very special art activity per class for the children on their birthday or close to their birthday depending on the holidays.

This fun art activity lets them feel super special on their birthday. They get to decorate their art activity and hang it either on the birthday branch in their class or up on the birthday wall.

We make a big fuss of this activity and the children have so much fun decorating their work of art.

Playful Pups Birthday Art:

We have spent a lot of time thinking of a special fun activity for our Pups to do for their birthdays!! Eventually we thought of an amazing idea!!!

A Birthday Wall!!

On this birthday wall we have 24 wooden blocks, one for each child, labelled with their names and their date of birth.

During the week of their birthday, we take the birthday boy or girl to the art studio; give them a whole bunch of fun goodies to stick on to the board such as bottle lids, straws, seeds, stones, puzzle pieces and lots more! They then get to choose their 2 favourite colours and paint the board in those colours and add glitter. When all of the boards are done we are going to have a beautiful colourful mosaic of birthday art!

These are very special boards as they are made purely by the child as they want it to look. If they choose to only stick 3 goodies on, it’s fine!!… If they choose not to paint the whole board, then it’s okay, it’s their special art!!!

On your child’s birthday ring, their beautiful art will be displayed for you to see.

At the end of the year on the last day of school, each child’s lovely board will be sent home for you to keep and remember their year as a Playful Pup.

We hope you enjoy your child’s birthday art just as much as we have!!!

Love Teacher Gemma

Playful Pups Birthday Art


Busy Bugs Birthday Art:

It is so exciting in the Busy Bugs classroom when we celebrate a child’s birthday.

As a build up to their Busy Bug birthday ring, the children get to use their creativity when they get to choose their own art materials to decorate their own birthday crown and birthday bird cage.

Once their cage has been decorated, it is displayed within our classroom on our birthday branches for all their parents to see how creative our little bugs are.

Once a month we set up a birthday ring where we get to sing Happy Birthday to our birthday children. The children are then given a chance to choose their favourite songs that the Busy Bugs group sings all together. The birthday children then have the opportunity to blow out their candles and hand out their cupcakes.

All parents are invited for this exciting birthday celebration.

Busy Bugs Birthday Art bird cages Busy Bugs Birthday Art


Happy Hopper Birthday Art:

It is such an exciting time when one of our Happy Hoppers have a birthday. To make our little Happy Hoppers birthdays even more special, on the day of their birthday, we give the child a wooden letter which represents their initial of their first name. They paint the wooden letter with their favourite colour and decorate them.  We then display them in the class room and at the end of the year they get to take them home.

Birthday Blog photo ??????????


Curious Crew Birthday Art:

Hip hip hooray! There is nothing quite as magical as celebrating your birthday!

Birthday rings are one of our favourite monthly activities!
The birthday children have the opportunity to decorate their very own birthday crowns with all things bright and beautiful! They spend some time in the art studio decorating and painting their crowns!

This year the children get to take their Special Spheres home! Each child has their own birthday ball which they decorate during their birthday month! How exciting!

We are looking forward to seeing our Birthday Branch filled with hanging beautifully decorated balls by the end of the year!

Curious Crew - Birthday Art Ball Curious Crew Birthday Art Branch



Nyleti Childrens Home Christmas Party 2015

Thank you so much for allowing us to spoil these wonderful children so fabulously. It was a lovely morning that we spent with the children and staff of Nyleti Children’s Home and we were so grateful and humbled to be there putting such big smiles on their lovely faces.

They were extremely excited to see Santa (Lazarus) arriving on Danny’s huge Truck filled with gifts.

 Thank you Lazarus, Danny, Hannah, Nonhlanhla, Caroline and Dima for joining in the sharing and caring.

Mozambique restraint chain delivered a van full of groceries which was so graciously accepted with huge thank you from all the staff.

We spoilt them with lunch and watermelon, huge sweets platters and cake, we organised a jumping castle which was a huge hit and Tiago Nazareth Photography joined us to take photos.

Ecokids Christmas Party 2015

On Friday the 4th of December we had our annual Christmas party. There was such a buzz in the air as parents and children started arriving. Shortly after everyone had arrived our big surprise was waiting for the kids around the corner! Yes that’s right it was SANTA!!! He arrived on a TRAIN with PRESENTS!!!

All our children had gathered around the train waiting for Santa to greet them, we showed Santa inside and he then one by one started handing out Christmas presents.

The fun carried on for the children with all the yummy treats, a jumping castle, an awesome adventure on the train and more!

All in all it was a fabulous day and we would like to thank all the parents and staff at Ecokids for making this day so spectacular.

I bet there was not one child that left without a sugar rush and shortly passed out from all the excitement!

Enjoy the photos of this special day!

Have a safe and blessed Christmas Everyone!