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Smart Squad – Grade R Graduation 2017

Well done Smart Squad we could not be more proud of you! These amazing children put on such a show! From their opening dance, to the songs and rhymes they performed to the fact that they THEMSELVES cooked Graduation Dinner for their families and set the tables for a delicious banquet where they themselves served the food they had prepared! What amazingly competent and efficient children. You have impressed us in every way. To Adam, Connor, Kaylin, Milla, Olivia and Tyler You are capable, independent, organised and efficient! You are kind, compassionate and well mannered! You are intelligent, free thinking …

Art Expo 2017

What a beautiful and successful evening our Art Expo was. Everyone who attended was filled with creative inspiration. Thank you to all attendees and to the Playful Pups and Busy Bugs parents for all the yummy treats and to Tiago for the beautiful photos. Enjoy the photos.

Charity Christmas Party for Nyleti House

Once again we had a spectacular day at Nyleti house! Thank you to all the parents who contributed so generously to make these beautiful children a lot happier at Christmas!  

Nyleti Childrens Home Christmas Party 2015

Thank you so much for allowing us to spoil these wonderful children so fabulously. It was a lovely morning that we spent with the children and staff of Nyleti Children’s Home and we were so grateful and humbled to be there putting such big smiles on their lovely faces. They were extremely excited to see Santa (Lazarus) arriving on Danny’s huge Truck filled with gifts.  Thank you Lazarus, Danny, Hannah, Nonhlanhla, Caroline and Dima for joining in the sharing and caring. Mozambique restraint chain delivered a van full of groceries which was so graciously accepted with huge thank you from …

SA Hat Parade!

Thank you for showing your SA Pride to the fullest! We can always count on our EcoKids parents to out do themselves! The children had a wonderful time and displayed such amazing pride in their creations.    

Autumn and Birds theme lead to some AwesomeArt!

Autumn leaves are a wonderful art material. We had so much fun at EcoKids with this theme. We enjoyed the nature walks collecting material and using our home made binoculars to spot birds along the way.  

Visit from Our friendly Paramedics

  As we have been learning about Occupations – People Who Help Us, we asked EMER-G-MED to pay us a visit. We were so lucky to have a response vehicle, an ambulance and 4 wonderful paramedics visit us today!! What an exciting and memorable event for the children. There was such focused attention I think the teachers got a little jealous as Paramedic Jackson told the children he was calling the ambulance to help Teacher Gemma with her pretend broken foot. With sirens blaring the ambulance was there in seconds and Teacher Gemma was attended to! After checking her vitals and …

Benoni Animal Rescue Centre (BARC)

BARC was a big hit on Thursday! Thank you to EVERYONE who contributed to the donations pile. They do such amazing work helping pet owners in the townships who can’t afford to take their animals to the vet or feed them real pet food. Please follow the FaceBook like and like it! Comment that you are from EcoKids and that will be all the thanks they require. The children loved the visit from the rescue puppies!

Christmas Wishes

Dear Parents, Staff and Friends, Thank you for the role you played in making 2014 such a special year for me and for EcoKids. We could not have imagined the joy and excitement that the children brought to our school. For so long it was a dream, then the dream became a building… but when the first day of school arrived in January this year, the dream was filled with heart and soul… happy, inquisitive faces and the sounds of laughter, singing and play. It is not often that you can say you have achieved a dream and I am …

Art Exhibition Evening

To everyone who attended our EcoKids Art evening, I am sure you will agree that it was a fantastic, fun filled evening. The snacks provided by the parents were amazing and the weather was perfect. The teachers put on an incredible display of the children’s art. At this young age, the process of creating their art is far more important than the finished product. They need to learn how to manipulate equipment, discover textures and different medium. They experiment with colour, construction, dry art, wet art and different concepts. All the things we as adults call art. Creativity as an …