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Ecokids Pyjama Day 2016

On the 1 July 2016 we had all the children and EcoKids staff dress up for our Annual Pyjama day, The children all looked too cute… Check out the gorgeous photos taken by the very talented Tiago Nazareth below:

Ecokids Bike-A-Thon 2016

What an exceptional day it was! The children responded so well and everyone had an amazing time filled with loads of laughter. This will definitely become a permanent event in our EcoKids calendar going forward. Thank you Tiago Nazareth for capturing the joy and enthusiasm on our little cyclists faces! From the little kids to the big kids we are very impressed with their confidence and bike riding ability. Well done to all!

Ecokids Concert 2016

Dear Parents, Here are our gorgeous pictures from our Ecokids Concert for 2016. Thank you to Tiago Nazareth for taking such amazing photos!  

Ecokids Mini Concert

Hi Moms and Dads, Please see pics below from our mini concert that was held on Saturday the 2nd of April. These were all taken from different parents as we are waiting for the professional ones to be loaded, so in the meantime happy viewing

Birthday Blog

Ecokids Birthday Blog Once a month we celebrate birthday ring for the children that were born in that month, as we try and limit the intake of sugar and sweets. We have a very special art activity per class for the children on their birthday or close to their birthday depending on the holidays. This fun art activity lets them feel super special on their birthday. They get to decorate their art activity and hang it either on the birthday branch in their class or up on the birthday wall. We make a big fuss of this activity and the …

Nyleti Childrens Home Christmas Party 2015

Thank you so much for allowing us to spoil these wonderful children so fabulously. It was a lovely morning that we spent with the children and staff of Nyleti Children’s Home and we were so grateful and humbled to be there putting such big smiles on their lovely faces. They were extremely excited to see Santa (Lazarus) arriving on Danny’s huge Truck filled with gifts.  Thank you Lazarus, Danny, Hannah, Nonhlanhla, Caroline and Dima for joining in the sharing and caring. Mozambique restraint chain delivered a van full of groceries which was so graciously accepted with huge thank you from …

Ecokids Christmas Party 2015

On Friday the 4th of December we had our annual Christmas party. There was such a buzz in the air as parents and children started arriving. Shortly after everyone had arrived our big surprise was waiting for the kids around the corner! Yes that’s right it was SANTA!!! He arrived on a TRAIN with PRESENTS!!! All our children had gathered around the train waiting for Santa to greet them, we showed Santa inside and he then one by one started handing out Christmas presents. The fun carried on for the children with all the yummy treats, a jumping castle, an …

Ecokids Puppet Show

On the 3rd of December we had a puppet show at Ecokids. The room was filled full of laughter and giggles from the children as they watched in amazement! We are so glad it went down so well! See pictures below

EcoKids Annual Art Expo

Thank you so much to all the parents and family who took part in our Annual Art Expo and Auction! Even though the lights went out in the afternoon and only came on as I was reading the winning bids… the event was a staggering success. The 80 odd candles lit made for a very dreamy and romantic mood, the drinks were cold and the music was on so all in all… it worked out beautifully. The Teachers took great care in displaying the children’s art and I am sure you all agree that the work was as beautifully showcased …

SA Hat Parade!

Thank you for showing your SA Pride to the fullest! We can always count on our EcoKids parents to out do themselves! The children had a wonderful time and displayed such amazing pride in their creations.