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“A young mind is a terrible thing to waste…”

What is CMATHS? In a nutshell…

CMATHS is a whole-brain development course aimed at children from 2 and a half years. A+Students by CMATHS is an acronym for Calculating Mental Arithmetic Tuition with the Help of Japanese Soroban. In the programme, we help children to develop both their left and right brain capabilities. At the same time CMATHS aims at creating a love for Maths and enables learners to “see” Maths.

CMATHS is much more than a mathematics course, it will also heighten the skill level that learners need throughout various learning areas, like comprehension, concentration, the ability to listen and pay attention, creativity and problem-solving. Our approach is “learning through play” Our lessons are interactive, physical and great fun. The maximum class size is 7 learners per 45 min or 1 hour lessons. A+Students by CMATHS introduce and teach school maths as FUN GAMES.

The children enrolled in CMATHS are MILES AHEAD of the others and excel!

Ecokids preschool is the proud hosts of CMATHS Benoni!

CMATHS times and schedules for Ecokids Preschool:

Monday: Curious Crew at 08h30 till 09h30

Tuesday: Busy Bugs at 08h30 till 09h30

Wednesday: Happy Hoppers 08h30 till 09h30

An all-round academic program that is a MUST and delivers concrete results!

Just a taste of what your child can achieve on the CMATHS programme:


Contact details:

Tessa Weissnar
083 967 4160