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“A young mind is a terrible thing to waste…”

What is A+ Students? In a nutshell…

A+ Students is a whole-brain development course aimed at children from 2 and a half years.

A+Students makes use of the Japanese Soroban. In the programme, we help children to develop both their left and right brain capabilities. At the same time A+ Students aims at creating a love for Maths and enables learners to “see” Maths in a concrete way.

A+ Students is much more than a mathematics course, it will also heighten the skill level that learners need throughout various learning areas, like comprehension, concentration, the ability to listen and pay attention, creativity and problem-solving. Our approach is “learning through play” Our lessons are interactive, physical and great fun. The maximum class size is 7 learners per 45 min or 1 hour lessons. A+ Students introduce and teach school maths as FUN GAMES.

The children enrolled in A+ Students are MILES AHEAD of the others and excel!

Ecokids preschool is the proud hosts of A+ Students Benoni!

An all-round academic program that delivers concrete results!

Just a taste of what your child can achieve on the A+ Students programme:


Contact details:Monica Minott
071 382 8007