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Under floor heating!

Wow EcoKids!! You are going to be so snuggly and warm in winters. Thanks to Patrick (my wonderful Dad), who has insisted on installing an under floor heating system that works with special tubing, layed out in a grid system before the concrete floor is cast. This is, and I quote the experts, “the most effective form of heating a room”!!  It works with a heat pump which pumps hot water through the tubes, heating the floor our little bums (and I mean the children’s), will grace 😆 It was an ENORMOUS task, laying 1600m of tubing and using app.2400 cable ties! …

Roll form factory

The steel for the school is being roll formed block by block. Here are a few pictures of the art studio walls being moulded into shape. Fascinating place and an incredible process!

Welcome to the Moms and Babes – Benoni Blog

Dear Moms, Finally a space for you to post info, share pictures, thoughts and funny stories or bits of advice between yourselves. The blog is moderated so you may not see your entry post immediately, but it should be up within 24hours (depending on how much sleep I skip)!! From my side: I never thought I would find myself doing anything like Moms and Babes and yet it is the most exciting and rewarding career I could ever hope for. I look forward to seeing the babies smiling faces week after week, watching them grow and develop so quickly. I get such …

Recycling for the ReMedia!

Hi Everyone! I know I have been promising for a while to let you know exactly what kinds of material I am looking to collect for our creative library of recycled media. So I gathered some samples from the collection and took a photo! Can you imagine all the wonderful creating we can do with materials such as these:                 round boxes and tubes artificial flowers balloon sticks triangle shaped boxes paper plates and doilies organza jewel bags interesting natural items like shells, feathers, seeds, sticks, cool rocks and driftwood interesting packaging material like …

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