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Messy Play With Gloop!

Dear Charlotte!

Thank you for playing and getting so messy with me! I had a blast playing with the green gloop with you! Your Mom is so cool to let you run wild, get messy and explore to your hearts content.

Charlotte - Messy Play!

Gloop recipe


2 cups of corn flour 1 cup cold water

Pour the corn flour into a bowl, add the cold water slowly, stirring constantly and stop when the water is barely absorbed by the cornflour.

Gloop is easy to clean and wonderful fun, particularly outdoors.


Gloop will brush off clothing as a dry powder.


  • Is it solid or is it liquid?
  • Pour it on to a table top.
  • Can you pile it up to make a castle?
  • Can you write your name in it before the writing disappears?
  • Divide the gloop in half and add different food colouring to each half.
  • Watch what happens when the two mixtures meet!

This is a cheap and fun way to entertain children and the adults will have fun too! Although it appears to make a mess, any splashes will sweep up if left to dry.

CAUTION: do not dispose of this mixture down the sink unless you are prepared to unblock the ‘u’ bend! Just throw it in the dustbin.

Steel Frame Rising

Awesome images of the steel frame being erected. It is incredible to watch the spaces taking shape so quickly!!

Concrete Pours! Stunning Floors!

What excitement! We were all on site to watch the floors being cast! We have decided to use coloured concrete with stone chips which will be ground down and polished to an extremely smooth finish. The end result will be a stunning speckled floor. By maximising the beauty of the concrete that we would have to put down regardless, we are eliminating any further layers or processes. This floor will never have to be redone and is eco-friendly from the aspect that it has been done once and done right.

The final product will be harmonious with the nature that surrounds it, creating a natural and tranquil base for the play and learning that will take place upon it!

We are a bit behind on reporting progress: so writing on behalf of a busy builder…. Anita