Family site inspection

After our Heritage Day braai, Tiago (with the camera), the kids and I, headed down to site to inspect the weeks developments. As usual they had amazing fun, exploring, touching, digging, throwing, collecting, climbing…. and getting very dirty!

The road!

After much research and deliberation, we have decided on cobble brick paving for the road. This seemed to be the least invasive on the environment and the bricks used are defect bricks, rejected in the brick making process. So we are effectively using bricks that would have been discarded. The broken bricks are laid and then a sand cement mix is swept into the gaps to form an attractive and fairly eco-friendly cobble brick road. The turning circle has been made nice and large for all the Mom’s with 4×4’s and it allows for ample parking off of the circle …

Construction update 15.09.2013

It has been a challenging week and everyone has been pushing hard. The wind has been horrible and the dust has been whipped up till you feel you are in a sandstorm. I think we are all happy to see the end of the compacting and are eagerly awaiting the pavers. With the windows going in the rooms are feeling like rooms instead of empty spaces. Every day brings exciting new developments!

I know I’m not the builder…

… but he is too busy to blog about anything, so I have taken over his blog.     Yours truly, Principal Anita. Pictures from : 08.09.2013 It is only when I sit going through these pictures do I realise how much has been accomplished over the last 4 months. It really is wonderful. Even though nothing is ever accomplished fast enough for me… I am learning patience and am accepting the fact that this this is a process. We will look back on these days and forget the stress and just wonder at the amazing journey that was the beginning of such …

Construction Update from the end of August 2013

Contruction Update from Mid August

I must apologise for being behind on updates! It has been a busy month on site… When you compare these pictures, taken on the 15th of August, to where we are currently, you can really see how much work has taken place over the last few weeks. Things are taking shape beautifully!