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Construction Update 18.10.2013

I am so excited for the finishing touches, the details, furnishings and fittings that are slowly turning the site into a school… The playground is transforming and we are very busy preparing for Open Day!

Pictures from 14.10.2013

Construction update 08.10.2013

The deck is now complete and looking beautiful! I can’t wait to be able to sit and enjoy the view from this special spot.

Internal finishes have started arriving. The wooden counters with their black granite tops look incredible!

The final coat of external, coloured plaster is being applied and bringing life to the exterior walls.

Lots of progress is being made daily, I am getting more and more excited as the days go by.

A message from our window and glazing supplier

Eco kids Pre-school – a step into the future with double glazed windows.

rehauEveryone is becoming more “Green” conscious. Whether it be to contributing to saving the planet, saving money or ensuring the best quality of
life. In the case of Eco kids pre school, we are proud to be part of a great team headed up by Johann de Villiers from Steel Frame Solutions to be able to contribute to this modern and eco-friendly development.

The windows and doors selected by Anita for Eco kids Pre-school are manufactured by us, Cape Windows, with Rehau uPVC multi-chamber energy efficient frames, Roto Frank internal locking mechanism and Rene Turck, Low E energy efficient 24mm glazing – to sum it up, the best available on the market. Our uPVC windows are thermally efficient, reducing energy expenses and creating a comfortable learning environment. They not only contribute to saving money but are highly effective in blocking out noise and are totally hygienic (the windows block out dust/pollen, will not rot and do not have any VOC’s in them).

Our window system was the ideal choice to provide the kids enjoying these classrooms with an ideal learning environment that helps with focus and ensures a comfortable learning environment. EcoKids can proudly stand next to well established schools like the French School in Morningside and The German School in Pretoria having chosen the same high quality windows.

Cape Windows has been manufacturing high  Quality timber windows and doors since 1983 and energy efficient Rehau uPVC since 1993. We service the residential, commercial and industrial market with architecturally specified windows and doors and assist in achieving the u-values (energy efficient values) set out by the new SANS 204 legislation. We can proudly say we have contributed to land mark project such as Monte Casino, Westcliff hotel, Emperors Palace, massive residential projects and now EcoKids PRE SCHOOL!

We want to wish all the kids a pleasant learning experience at this wonderful pre school and trust the parents know that no expense was spared to ensure their kids are only getting the best.

For further information on our windows and doors please go to

Thank you once again for allowing us to be part of this wonderful project.

Regards, Jurgen Schairer