A fun walk to explore the tractor!

The boys have been so fascinated by the tractor doing laps as it mows the grass, so we went on a walk with the Playful Pups to investigate the tractor up close. Everyone was well behaved and it was an exciting outing! It was quite a long walk for such little bods but very good exercise for our legs. The boys took turns sitting on the tractor making tractor sounds and we sang for each of them… Farmer Caleb has a farm….. and on that farm he has a tractor….! Too cute! Some of the girls just had to have a turn …

What a Brilliant Body Week!

  With so much excitement the week flew by! The children were all engaged with fun activities related to the OUR BODY theme. They made butterflies from their foot prints and counted toes! We made eye colour pie charts and discussed all the colours our eyes can be! We traced our body shapes and sponge painted them! We cut ribbons as tall as each child in the class and discussed growing up big and strong! We made faces on paper plates and discussed what each feature on our face is for! We played the bean bag squash game and squashed …

Birthdays, Frankie, Fun and excitement!!!

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Thank you Jamie!

 Dear Jamie Happy 2nd Birthday! The book you have donated to the school is very funny! Even the teachers laughed 🙂 It is a happy, smiley book just like you! We will enjoy reading it again and again, Love Anita

Thank you Caleb!

Dear Caleb, Happy 2nd Birthday! We had a lovely time celebrating with you today! THANK YOU…. for the beautiful book you have donated to your class, it will be treasured long after you leave EcoKids! I will be sure to read you every story in it, at least twice 🙂  

Yummy yum yums!

I would just like to say that I am so proud of our EcoKids Kitchen! The food that went out this week was so well received by our children and I can report that we even had requests for seconds!! So wonderful! The menu: SNACK LUNCH Apple and muslie Pie with yoghurt Fish Burgers Raw veggies with dippy sauce Chicken Pie Seasonal fruit plate Veggie pasta bake Thank you Teacher Patricia for the guidance, training and delicious recipes! You have organised our kitchen amazingly! Mommy, thank you for stepping up and doing the training. There is so much more that …

Our first week of School!!

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Reclaimed old denim jeans…

    … have become beautiful aprons for our Art Studio at EcoKids! Thanks Mom for all your hard work!  I love you x Anita  

More Play Date Pictures :-)

Welcome Play Date 2014

Wow! What Fun!! Thank you to all who attended! We had such a wonderful day and the children were relaxed and happy in their new school environment. It was great for parents and teachers to meet and for the parents to have a small glimpse into what their child’s life at school will be like. It was fantastic for me to finally see the school filled with happy little faces and I look forward to seeing you all bright and early on Wednesday morning for our first official day of school at EcoKids Preschool. I hope you enjoy the photo’s taken by Tiago …