Family Week Photo Frames

Our uninhibited and carefree children made the most beautiful abstract artworks this week! All we did was encourage them to cover ALL the BROWN on their piece of wood. Once we had mixed the colours and spoken to them about how green, orange and purple are made from red, blue and yellow… they got stuck in with enthusiasm. When they were done splashing on colour we gave them some powder paint and glitter to sprinkle. All that was left for us to do was so hang your beautiful family photos on their gorgeous backgrounds! I hope you all loved your …

Happy 3rd Birthday Layla!

Dear Layla, Thank you for sharing your Special Day with your Busy Bugs friends! We were really spoilt with the delicious cupcakes you and your Mommy made and we loved the farm animals you stuck on top as an extra special treat. Thank you for the fabulous books you donated to EcoKids for your Birthday! We love them!! Have a fantastic year being 3 lovely Layla, you are a super star!      

Learning about our senses was so facinating!

Every week gets more and more exciting! Now that all the children are participating beautifully and no one is missing Mommy too much (sorry Moms)… the exploring and learning that is taking place is too incredible! I can never stay away!! Our Senses The senses are a wonderful theme. We will continue to explore our senses through all our themes as it is the way we experience everything around us. Being able to integrate and modulate their senses is so important for the children. Their growing little minds are receiving all this different sensory input and their brains are hard at work …

Isabella turned 2!

Happy 2nd Birthday Isabella! Thank you so much for spoiling your class and all the teachers with those delicious cupcakes! I ate 2! (One for me and one for the baby!) 🙂 Thank you for the lovely book donation. It is one of your classes favourite songs so it is so lovely that we can look at some pictures to understand the song a little better.  

Happy 3rd Birthday Olivia xxx

Dear Olivia, I know I am very late in posting this (your birthday was the 3rd of Jan!!) But I just wanted to say Happy Birthday and thank you for the 3 beautiful books you donated to your class. I especially liked the one about the dummy!! I think it has helped some children in your class make up their minds that they really are TOO big for a dummy 🙂 We are so glad you are enjoying school more and more! You are a shinning star and we are so proud of you. Love Teachers, Anita, Melany and Patricia

Our five senses and Valentine’s Day

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EcoKids Kitchen Masterpieces!

I am so proud of our kitchen! The meals that the children have been enjoying have been spectacular and we are so happy to report that even the fussy eaters amongst our EcoKids have been tucking in 🙂 Thank you Mom and Caroline for the love and thought you put into every meal! The colours and shapes, the textures and flavours! All the reasons the kids are loving your meals xxx      

An “Emotional” week!!

Our theme this week was Emotions. Even though at times it can be quite difficult to explain different feelings to children, it was wonderful to watch the participation and hear the input given by such little people. Watching them make sad, happy, angry, excited faces was hilarious! The different facial expressions all mixed with intense concentration was so entertaining. Love was an emotion they all seemed to understand with no problem! We hugged and said I love you lots… we sang “I love you, you love me…” and danced with roses to love songs. We clapped our hands up high, by our toes, …

Little Kickers

The little Kickers  extra mural started this week. So much fun was had by those who attended. Coach Tim and Coach Misha were really impressed with how well the children listened and participated for their first class. The program will run every ‘school day’ Tuesday from 12:30 – 13:15. For enrolments and more info contact Tim Edwards :      

Yellow sunshine and outside play

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