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Junior Master Chef :)

As we look at our calendars and reminisce about the days gone by, we have stopped and realised what we have already accomplished in the past 6 months and just how much the Playful Pups have matured and become so independent. It is so exciting to keep adding to their curriculum and even the themes that seem to be a part of mundane daily activities turn out to be full of excitement and fun. The theme was cooking and food and it was unbelievable to watch the Playful Pups becoming so competent and really enjoying the activities.


We started by using all sorts of kitchen utensils to mix paint and also to paint with. We painted with a whisk, a few spatulas and even a fork. We also painted using a rolling pin. The Playful Pups thoroughly enjoyed the play dough in the classroom this week. They sang “pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake” as they baked cakes, biscuits and pizza using the play dough.


We set the table and had a tea party where the children all had a turn to butter and spread jam on their star-shaped crumpets. We peeled a boiled egg, mashed it and spread it on bread. We also spread cream cheese and cucumber and had a wonderful morning tea.


We went on an adventure to feed Frankie some freshly picked vegetables. Even though Frankie had the same sentiments as most of the Playful Pups and did not show much interest in the vegetables, the Playful Pups discovered the painted tyres on the way back. This turned out to be a wonderful impromptu teachable moment as they all jumped in and out of the tyres naming the colours as they went along. We also discussed that it was a circle shape. Then we moved onto our own vegetable garden where the Playful Pups helped to pick fresh, delicious lettuces to take home!


The Playful Pups all had a turn to help chop strawberries for the strawberry jam – Yum! Most of them ended up eating their strawberry instead!


We finished the week off with our favourite part of every meal – dessert! The Playful Pups helped to make the jelly and cut the fruit. They also all poured their own custard onto their dessert.


On Friday, we were all surprised when Barney came to hand out cupcakes as we celebrated Keagan’s birthday! Some children were weary of the big dinosaur, but most of the children absolutely loved him! We wish Keagan a fun filled year being 2! 🙂


We hope that you have all had a wonderful rest and that you are ready for the second part of term two!


The theme this week is Dinosaurs!

The colour is blue and the shape is a circle.

Please remember to dress your child in blue on Friday and if they want to bring along one of their dinosaur friends from home, please remember to label it! 🙂