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When I grow up I want to be a ….

We had such an exciting week filled with loads of different people and their occupations.

We began our week discussing all the differnet types of occupations and why it is important to have a job 🙂

Then the fun began!

On Tuesday we had Cecilia from Clear Water Farms visit us and show the kids the different types of vegetables they grow.It was amazing to see how big cabbages get and the children loved the squeaky leaves. They saw the seeds being planted in seed;ing trays and held tiny little lettuce seedlings. It was a wonderful discussion with Farmer Cecilia and on behalf of everyone from EcoKids we would like to thank her for taking time to chat to the kids and also the delicious gift she sent each of them home with! Now you know why your children came home with a bag of carrots to add to your fridge.



 On Thursday we had Lazelle, one of our moms come visit us to talk about being a beautician and give the Busy Bugs girls a pamper demonstration. They had some tubs of cream and a lovely exfoliator. They were so excited and needed very little encouragement to start experimenting with all the goodies. Then they all got their nails painted… I have never seen such chuffed little girls! Thank you Lazelle for making their day and sending them home with such cute keepsakes!

Lizaane and Quinton, our builders, gave a demonstration on building and construction for the boys. They listened so intently as the cement was mixed and they got stuck in plastering as soon as they could. We think they have been closely watching the builders around the school as they are so good at it! They then enjoyed some wheel barrow rides from Lazarus and Lucas.


We had Lisa the pharmacist from Mediklin Pharmacy come and visit later that day and taught all the children what a pharmacist does… She spoke about medicine and why it is important. Why only Mom, Dad or someone we really trust can give us medicine. We watched her pour some green medicine for me…. yuk… and then watched her count out jelly beans using a special pill counter. We all counted together.



Friday we had Dayle from Florence May Pastries come and show the kids how to bake cookies and cupcakes which they got to decorate and take home.

Please view our blog on  To view the write up and photos of the eventful week we all had.

August Holiday Club


Thank you to all the happy children who made August Holiday Club so special.

We watched some great movies and used each movie as a theme to participate in loads of exciting activities.

We bounced on the Jumping Castle like Gummi Bears… we danced like Tiana in the Frog Princes (the boys croaked and hopped)… we walked the plank and dug for treasure like Jake and his band of Neverland Pirates… just to mention a few!

The kids enjoyed the freedom and change in routine and we hope that it won’t take them long to settle back down into normal school days!

Thank you to all the staff who made Holiday Club a ton of FUN!! I got to know so many of the children so much better and enjoyed my interactions with every one of them.

A few pic’s to share in some of the fun but sorry, most days we were too busy to worry about photos.