Monthly Archives: April 2015

Autumn and Birds theme lead to some AwesomeArt!

Autumn leaves are a wonderful art material. We had so much fun at EcoKids with this theme.

We enjoyed the nature walks collecting material and using our home made binoculars to spot birds along the way.


Visit from Our friendly Paramedics




As we have been learning about Occupations – People Who Help Us, we asked EMER-G-MED to pay us a visit.

We were so lucky to have a response vehicle, an ambulance and 4 wonderful paramedics visit us today!!

What an exciting and memorable event for the children. There was such focused attention I think the teachers got a little jealous as Paramedic Jackson told the children he was calling the ambulance to help Teacher Gemma with her pretend broken foot.

With sirens blaring the ambulance was there in seconds and Teacher Gemma was attended to! After checking her vitals and making sure she was stable, the caring and able paramedics strapped Teacher Gemma to a back board and lifted her on to a stretcher! She was then wizzed off to “hospital” and came back all fixed!! Well done paramedics!

The children got a chance to walk through the ambulance. What an experience, everything looks so big when you are so small! Even our little Playful Pups were so brave.

It was so wonderful to meet the faces behind the number you call and know that there are these wonderful men and women ready to help in an emergency.

THANK YOU! Paramedics Jackson, Theo, Kevin and Kayleigh!  The children at EcoKids enjoyed your visit and will always remember you when they spot an ambulance on the roads.

Thank you to EMER-G-MED and CMS!

Thank you to Bronwyn Gemmell for arranging EMER-G-MED’s visit to our school.

Well done and keep up the amazing work in your communities.

Principal Anita and staff.