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Merry Christmas! May Peace and Love fill your homes and your hearts :-)

Merry Christmas to all our EcoKids Families! wishing you a wonderful day surrounded by family and friends. May you share love and laughter with all around you. Good food and thoughtful gifts. Remembering Jesus and all the reasons we celebrate Him.

Children: Remember your thank you’s and say GOODBYE to your Elfs on Shelfs!! Yipee (sigh of relief from all the parents!)
Moms and Dads: Remember to keep living Green and recycling over the Holidays 🙂

I am sure you will all be Blessed with family and fun, beautiful gifts and surrounded by love!
Warm Christmas Wishes
Teacher Anita and all our Wonderful EcoKids Staff

Smart Squad Graduation 2018

We are so proud of our young graduate you’s
Cause today is the day we celebrate that too!
Prouder than proud it is cooler than cool!.
Because now you’re done at EcoKids Preschool!
It’s hard for us to believe that the time has come
for you children…. our babies, to go to Grade 1!

It feels like a blink of an eye ago when you first started preschool…..
and we looked at you
and your parents looked at you and thought “Oh wow! You are growing up too fast!”
and now you are leaving pre-school and we are still saying “Oh wow! You are growing up too fast!”
and life is like that…. Fast paced and crazy. So we treasure all these special day and celebrate so we REMEMBER and ACKNOWLEDGE just how awesome life is, how awesome you are and how lucky we are to be able to SHARE this together.

You are capable, independent, organised and efficient!
You are kind, compassionate and well mannered!
You are intelligent, free thinking and inquiring!
You are brave, risk taking and open minded!
You are fit, athletic and energetic!
You are confident, well-spoken and ready!

And now the special time has come
for us to say congrats! “ Well done!!”
We have happy hearts, seeing you ready
Oh so ready and ever so steady!
And before we start to cry
We have something special to give to you
Because in our mind we know it is true!
You’ll remember all the lessons we taught to you.

I am so Proud to wish the Graduating class of 2018 all the very best!
All my Love!
Teacher Anita