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My Pets

Theme: My Pets

Colour: Black

Shape: Diamond

Number: 10

Letter: P – Pets!

What an EPIC WEEK! Thank you so, so much, to each and every one of you who brought their pets to school this week to show our children!

Ethan – sausage dog puppy Piper

Moshia –  Bulldog Lexi

Eliya – Pitbull puppy Kame and cat Dante

Rachel Coleman –  hedgehog Periwinkle

Christian – tortoises James Bond, Twightlight Sparkle and Nanna and a bunny, Lilly

Danilo – parakeet Stuart the minion

We also saw some giant snails, goldfish as well as a horse! What a full and amazing week it has been.

We spent a lot of time during ring time discussing the pets of all of our children and we were so delighted to hear with how much love they have in their hearts for their pets! We heard all sorts of stories and it was so lovely to see. Pets are a big responsibility and they need looking after! They need a warm bed, food to eat, water to drink and shelter from rain and sun! They need to be kept clean too, or else they can get very smelly! Some pets like living in sand or soil, like spiders, snakes and snails. Others prefer wood shavings, like guinea pigs, hedgehogs and hamsters. Some like a cozy blanket and a spot in the sun, like a puppy or kitten.

We had the great pleasure of a few visits from some of our “expert parents” – Chantelle from Gudwulfs Pit Bull rescue (please see Facebook page) and Michelle – the mother of one of our Playful Pups, who owns Dark Horse Farriers. Chantelle brought along Ranger, a rehabilitated Pitbull to do a talk on safety around dogs. It is so important to know the warning signs a dog will display before attacking and it is very important to know how to approach a dog – your own dog and any unknown dog. The children were so well behaved and they listened so nicely so please ask them what Chantelle (“Eliya’s mom”) had to say today! Thank you so much for bringing Ranger to our school and educating our EcoKids! Michelle brought her stallion Chakalaka to show us how she cuts the horses’ hooves! This was an incredible thing to see, and something I’m sure many of you haven’t seen yet! Michelle is a LOT stronger than she looks, let me tell you! She fearlessly holds the horses foot between her knees and then uses all sorts of tools to cut, trim, file away and essentially give the horse a “quick pedi!” Haha! She then fitted the horse with a new, shiny shoe, and the children were mesmerised!  It was amazing to see and she brought everyone in the school a lucky horse shoe to take home. Thanks Michelle!

We managed to do an art piece that actually turned out so nicely we are going to keep it for art expo, so look out for it then! We had an epic, full week and are all nice and ready for a weekend now. Enjoy it and come back rested and safe. Thank you for all the fun!

Rachel, Hunter and Gianna did show and tell this week, Rachel showed us an awesome side show of all her pets, Gianna showed off a beautiful purple netball and Hunter showed us his prized jet ski and boat toys! They were all stars and I will send the parents photos privately.

This week’s secret question: Name the first pet that you remember?

Thank you for another lovely week of fun! Please remember that with concert practice happening so much this month, we are going to be focussing all of our attention on that! Lots of Love

The Busy Bugs Teachers and Assistants

Next Week’s Theme: Occupations and people who help us

Next Week’s Show and Tell: Jesse and Nate

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