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Earth’s EcoWarriors – Concert 2019

The EcoKids 2019 concert theme is so important to me as it stands for everything we believe in at our school. We are understanding and supportive and we have such an important job. We are raising Earth’s EcoWarriors.
We are families from all different backgrounds, with different cultures and upbringings. We have different interests, unique talents, strengths weakness. We are all different, but we are all the same. And we teach our children tolerance, compassion and generosity as we instill these values in our young EcoWarriors.
We sang song’s that the incredible EcoKids’ Teachers and Assistants have taught the children. Some of which are original songs written by Teacher Gemma and myself, specifically to impart the message that today’s performance hopes to instill in you…. as we have seen it take root in the hearts of these little ones of yours.
The children were involved in every step of getting the performance ready for the big day, watching how we have used initiative and creativity to make “NEW from Old” as the recycling song says. We have created this amazing set and these beautiful costumes using by showing the children how to TRULY APPLY the concept of the 3 R’s Reduce reuse and recycle. And they have loved watching the set come to life and the pieces all fit together.
Anyone can wave an EFT at something and make MAGIC but the VALUE of what we have achieved through the EcoWarriors Concert production is instilling these YOUNG minds with ingenuity, originality and creativity. To show them in terms they can truly understand…Hard work pays off, commitment and perseverance. They are never too young to have that seed planted in their mind.
As a Principal I could not be more PROUD of my TEAM! I have learnt so much through the journey of EcoKids and over the last few weeks and especially the last few days. It has just been so clear to me that…. Putting this concert together has been smooth sailing… and I know that it is thanks to my dedicated, experienced and very supportive team of women and MEN. You are an incredibly hard working, encouraging and nurturing and tight knit group. Thank you for supporting each other and me so wonderfully through all it takes do everything we do for our little EcoWarriors!
Participating in a day like today is so important.
We all want our children
• to be filled with confidence and joy in their hearts, and through this experience
• They have to reach deep inside and find their brave
• They have to listen and show huge self-control
• They have to think hard and remember their lines and actions whilst keeping the butterflies in their tummies under control.
• They have to keep their costumes in place and do their best to remember to not pick at the feathers or leaves or seeds……
• They have to stand in the right place and smile and go off at the right time….. oh my!!! It is a LOT! Even I get confused and forget my lines and I am 10 even 20 times older than some of them!
The children performed like super stars on stage, the songs and actions learnt, the rehearsals and the whole experience is a wonderful TEACHABLE MOMENT in itself. The lessons, the learning, the confidence and the growth… these beliefs are upheld are what make me proudest.
Through the rehearsals and on the day of the big show we have watched the children encouraging and supporting each other and really taking on the LESSONS that the THEME of this year’s show hopes to impart. I think it is evident that the message has been heard loud and clear and we are overjoyed at how our EcoKids children take this message to heart.
Earth’s EcoWarriors
• Care for our world we live in by leaving a small footprint as they tread lightly and gently.
• They are kind to the animals and nature and respect natural resources.
• They are good students – no matter how old or young they are, and are always ready to learn.
• They are good family members, friends and citizens.
The children were confident and shinning stars in their own unique individual ways. It is unbelievable how brave and bold these young ones can be! This is what EcoKids stands for.
Thank you to all the parents for your faith and trust in us to guide these young hearts and minds. When they leave, which ever school they may go to one day. All they take with them is themselves and the lessons and values that the experience of their school has instilled in them. A love of learning, a kind heart, a curious mind and a determined attitude.
Thank you for the amazing turnout for our lovely concert. I am so impressed by the eagerness and participation from all the parents. I am sure your kids will be singing their concert songs in the car for many weeks to come. It was marvelous watching their little personalities emerge. We certainly have some amazing performers with true star quality
Thank you TIAGO NAZARETH Photography for these incredible images.