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Trees EcoFun Park Outing

On Wednesday the 31st of July we had a wonderful and educational outing to Eco Trees Park in Benoni.

At the Park the children had the opportunity to climb trees (and boy oh boy did they climb!) crawl through a tunnel , hide in a bush cave and look out of the tree house.

We solved riddles and deciphered jumbled messages, some children enjoyed some time under the pin oak tree at a table where they could count out acorns into corresponding little buckets. This was a fun little numeracy activity to do in nature.

A fun little fact about the park is that many of the pieces of equipment and play areas are made of recycled materials. This was very exciting for us as it is in keeping with our schools ethos and values. In areas A and B there are 13 things which were made either Reusing or Recycling materials. Each item has been marked with a little red R and the children enjoyed hunting for them.

In area C and D the children got to explore lots of different stations which were also “upcycled” and repurposed, teacher Kim sat with a few children and taught them how to play a little game of tic tac toe, this resulted in fits of laughter when they outsmarted me and won a game (or two)

Some of the children enjoyed drawing in the sand with bamboo drawing sticks, some practiced writing their names while others just made spirals, shapes and patterns. One or two of the Crew even tried to decipher a Morse code message at the blackboard but this proved to be a little more tricky than it seemed so they just happily practiced writing letters and drawing pictures. There was a swing ball game in the grass, and it was absolutely hysterical watching these little people trying to make the ball go round and hit it with a racket. Well done for trying! J

For snack we enjoyed a sippy yoghurt and a piece of fruit which went down a treat and the children were all so good at making sure their yoghurt packets were thrown away. What a great little bunch of litter hero’s! For lunch we enjoyed chicken sausage “hot dogs” a little packet of chips and a ceres apple juice – and again we didn’t have to reminds any of the children to throw their rubbish away!


We are super proud of the way our children behaved and respected the toys and animals at the Park! Well done Curious Crew for being such big children.

Thank you to everyone for allowing us to take your little ones on this outing and to Eco Trees Park for having us visit for the day. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

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