The ultimate eco-friendly nursery school in Benoni


In the first 3 years of a child’s life 50% of their intellect is developed with a further 25% being developed in the following 3 years. It is therefore vital that children of this age are supplied with the best tools for play and exploration, to discover themselves and the world they live in.

EcoKids is a one of a kind nursery school, in a unique setting and we view each child as an individual.

We adopt the Reggio Emilia-inspired approach which addresses the development of the “whole child”; the physical, emotional, social and cognitive.  It is an early childhood education philosophy that develops healthy, lifelong habits and positive attitudes.  It fosters talents and innovative thinking; values aesthetic appreciation and decision-making skills; challenges their imagination and sparks curiosity.

We do all of this in the most amazing natural setting. In a nursery school building purpose built to engage the hearts and minds of children. By providing beautiful interiors that encourage the children to explore, think, learn and discover and exteriors that challenge and thrill them, they develop their full potential. Always putting their safety first, we provide the perfect setting for early childhood development.

Children are encouraged by our qualified teachers and loving facilitators to learn life skills and grow through free play. They also participate in: songs and rhymes and the making of music, story time and an extensive range of educational toys, the creation of arts and crafts, messy play, and outdoor activities. We will also instil an awareness of our environment and an appreciation and understanding of nature in our children from this young age.

We include an age appropriate, ecology and environment curriculum into our daily learning and playing. What makes Ecokids the best nursery school in Benoni is our exciting activities such as planting vegetables, watching chicks hatch, caring for animals, learning to recycle and re-use, nature walks, wildlife class, water and energy conservation and much more…. We want our EcoKids to grow up to be conscientious adults because for now their lives are in our hands, but our future is in theirs. Places like the site of our nursery school only remain as beautiful as they are because of people who have grown up with an understanding of how precious our natural resources are.

Each child is monitored and their progress carefully noted, they are given the space and freedom to grow and develop in a positive, encouraging environment and they are given all the support and guidance they need.  We encourage parent involvement and provide many avenues for parents to become involved in their child’s schooling experience. We understand the strong bond that a young child forms with their teacher. During these impressionable years, every moment is a learning experience and the teacher is there to nurture and assist them on this exciting journey.

Our mission is to provide the best, early care and learning, in an environmentally-friendly and magnificent setting where children are nurtured into becoming their individual best intellectually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

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