Age Groups

EcoKids accepts children between the ages of 18 months to 6 years (Grade R)

Playful Pups (approximately 18 months to 30 months):

Our Playful Pups teachers have informed knowledge of development in the earliest years, and the flexibility to respond to the individual needs  of each child and family. The key to engaging a child at this young age is the quality of relationship formed between the child and their teacher.

The Playful Pups classroom is a warm and happy space where they can settle in and have a fun and positive first experience of school. Building confidence and trust in the teacher as a major role player in their lives.  At this stage of the child’s development, verbal communication and language development are key to emotional growth. Sensory experiences and social interactions will help develop cognitive skills. For this age group, the class environment and themed activities encourage children to explore concepts such as texture, size, shape and weight through a variety of gross and fine motor games and fun-filled activities. They are gently guided in their play to incorporate all aspects of learning.

Child/Teacher ratio: 1 teacher and 1 full-time assistant per max. 14 children

Busy Bugs  (turning three)

The Busy Bugs classroom is set up to encourage imaginative play, creative activities and quiet concentration. The engaging environment draws in a child’s imagination. Inspired children are enthusiastic thinkers. In a daily routine, your child may have a conversation with their friends in the fantasy corner set up as a “play home” or  a “market store” area, play dress up, become an action adventurer in the outdoor play area or construct using a variety of medium made available to them. This type of imaginative play expands their language skills and develops thinking that is essential for  socialization and integration. Group activities such as painting, baking  and gardening teach team work and participation. Story time requires concentration, discipline and teaches vital listening and comprehension skills. All essential aspects to their daily routine.

Child/Teacher ratio: 1 teacher and 1 full-time assistant per max. 14 children

The Happy Hoppers  (turning four)

At this age relationships evolve and bonds of friendship strengthen. Friendships build confidence and inspire discovery and collaboration amongst peers. Whilst teachers set up contexts (areas) of learning, the children theorise and discuss possible solutions, scenarios. It is at this stage where you can begin to enjoy the open minded, problem solving abilities, lateral thinking and uncomplicated approaches of children.  Exploration of their own capabilities leads to a better understanding of their concept of self and they develop a great sense of pride as they become more and more independent. Your child will also begin to be exposed to a variety of fun activities like dancing and movement, music appreciation, pottery and ball skills that have been developed especially for their age group. These help build stamina, self-awareness, participation and concentration skills.

Child/Teacher ratio: 1 teacher and 1 part-time assistant per max. 14 children

The Curious Crew (turning five)

At this stage we begin preparing your child for an easy start, and excellence in their school career ahead. The environment incorporates opportunities for children to learn through carefully planned activities that challenge each child, building skills in language (e.g. reading and comprehension), math  (e.g. counting, sharing and sorting), and science (e.g. colour mixing, baking and weather studies), in addition  to physical activity, music and art. We do all of this whilst ensuring we are building his or her confidence constantly. Respect for self, others and the environment we share, is at the heart of EcoKids philosophy. By this age children are competent and confident, to face everyday challenges and opportunities and are successful, caring individuals.  These attributes will remain with them, and lead them to happy and successful school career ahead.

Child/Teacher ratio: 1 teacher and 1 part-time assistant per max. 14 children


Grade R (turning six)

Opening 2017


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