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Cooking and Food

Nov 17, 2023


Cooking & Food




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Cc – Cooking / Ff – Food

This is one of the teacher’s best weeks (because it gives us all an excuse to break the diet- hehe!) We have had such a blast this week with all the fun cooking, eating and experimenting that we have done! It is so much fun and so rewarding to see the children enjoy themselves so much!  

We spent the week discussing all things food, cooking and the kitchen! We chatted about cooking utensils and what we use them for, as well as all the interesting things we can find in a kitchen! The children loved sharing their stories of how they have helped you in the kitchen to prepare meals and we loved hearing what their favourite and least favourite foods are! There were quite a few interesting answers! We loved learning about what gets hot in the kitchen and what to be careful around. We decided that the stove, oven, toaster and kettle should be treated with caution, knives and scissors can also be dangerous and they should always ask for help. We had a “knife safety lesson” where we basically played pass the parcel with a knife, highly supervised of course, to teach the children how to properly handle and pass a knife. It was a big success!  

Our song of the week was “The Soup Song” which also serves as a memory game and the children have to take turns to add ingredients to the pot to make a soup! Some of the soups we made sounded delicious, but the ones that ended up with potatoes, candyfloss, chocolate and chicken… we think we’d rather give those a skip! Haha!  

Everyone’s favourite part of the week was of course the days when we got to make our own delicious snacks all by ourselves! On Tuesday, we made our own lunch, which was delicious salami and cheese pizza bread. On Thursday, we made our own Mini cheese, ham and tomato omelettes for lunch. They were delicious, and even the children who aren’t really keen on egg most of the time had a great time munching all of it! Well done Bugs! Last but not least, on Friday, we made delicious fruit smoothies for snack. You can find all 3 of these delicious recipes in the adorable Cook Books your Bugs made. 

Every day Chef Thembi or Chef Sonia came to our classroom to get a headcount for the day’s meals and we explained to the children how special these ladies are to us.  We made sure that the Bugs said please and thank you for all of their meals this week.  

*A few quick notes* 

Reminder to send in/purchase your report USB from Amy, as well as the Christmas Box. 

Please trim nails on a regular basis. Accidents happens so fast, and shorter nails help minimise the effects. 

Please remember to send us a hat, even if we have to send it home again every day. It is so hot and the rule is: no hat – no play! We would hate for the children to miss out on playtime and have to sit in the shade on the deck because they don’t have a hat.  

Please, please, please… EVERYTHING sent to school must be labelled! Jackets, tops, pants, shoes, socks, bottles and even underwear. A lot of our children throughout the whole school have the same, or very similar items of clothes. Labelling everything just makes it easier for all of us teachers to know what belongs to who.  

Have a stunning weekend everyone!    



Do you think pineapple belongs on pizza?


 Dates to Diarise: 

22 Nov: SS Graduation

24 Nov: CC & SS Outings

4: Magic Show

5 Dec: Christmas Party

6 Dec: School Break Up Day

7 Dec: Holiday Club Starts

15 Dec: Holiday Club Ends


Lots of love

Teacher Gemma, Teacher Monette and the Busy Bugs Assistants

Our Sweet as Candy Bugs!

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