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Land, Air and Sea Transport

Jun 7, 2024


Land, Air & Sea Transport









Jj – Jet

Zoom! Vroom! Splash!  

There are so many ways to get from point A to point B and this week we covered all of them!  From airplanes to cars, bikes to boats, scooters to submarines… the list goes on and on!  We got to look at photos and videos of all of these different modes of transport and these Bugs learnt so much!   

We also discussed what the definition of transport is: moving items or people from one place to another using either the land, the air or the sea.  

Our Bugs learnt that they get transported to and from school by their mommies or daddies, and then mommy and daddy transport themselves to work.  

We love testing the Bugs memory skills by asking them questions about what was discussed the day before during ring time, and we are very happy to report that most of our Bugs are able to tell us what was said the day before.  Well done kiddos!  We also like to test our Bugs to see if they can notice who is not at school that day. 90% of the time, they can name every Bug who is not at school.  

For art this week we made the most adorable “Modes of Transport” chart. We painted a piece of paper green for grass and blue for sky. We added a strip of black paper for the road (no potholes in these roads!) and a strip of blue for the water. We then gave the Bugs some items from the art studio to create the different modes of transport. We used a plastic straw and wrapping paper for the plane, a button and bread tag for the hot air balloon. We used little lids as a row boat and scrap fabric and paper as a sailing boat. Lastly, we used a tin tab as a car and bread tabs as a truck. The Bugs obviously required a little bit of help sticking of the bits and bobs on (glue gun glue gets very hot!), but they helped where they could and were so impressed with the final outcome!  

Assessments are underway and report time is nearing. These past few weeks have been so much fun for us teachers, working one-on-one so intimately with the Bugs has been such a treat! We are so proud of each of our Busy Bugs and we hope that you enjoy reading their reports as much as we enjoyed writing them.  

Have a lovely weekend, stay warm and we will see you all next week!  

Next week’s theme: Caring for our world: Father’s Day and Sport 

Next week’s show and tell: Charli and Onathi 





We wanna know folks ... what is your DREAM car?


 Dates to Diarise:

14 June: Bike-A-Thon

16 June: Youth Day

17 June: Youth Day Holiday

19 June: Hearing Tests

28 June: Book Character Dress Up Day & Mid Term Break Up Day

8 July: Back To School




Lots of love

Teacher Gemma, Teacher Ash and the Busy Bugs Assistants 

Our Bugs!

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