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My Emotions and Valentine’s Day

Feb 12, 2022


My Emotions & Valentine’s Day


Pink, Red, White







Ll – Love

This is always a very anticipated theme and it’s always very well received. All of the children, from the smallest Pups all the way up to our Smart Squad, have so much fun with this theme and the teachers love all of the enthusiasm!

Our week was spent full of fun activities and discussions. It is amazing how much these young children know about their emotions. They are such sensitive, intuitive and “connected” little humans! We discussed an array of emotions from Anger to Happiness. We had loads of fun practicing the facial expressions that go with these various emotions and had a good little giggle at some of their “sad” and “angry” faces – too cute when they are “putting it on”! We also used all of the emoji faces (that are so familiar to children these days) and played all sorts of awesome matching games – we would put them on the carpet and then ask the children to find the “loving face” or the “bored face” etc… They were really very good at this!

The excitement of this whole week was building to Friday and Valentine’s Day, the day of Love, the day we get to have a disco at school! It was so beautiful to see how the children really embraced this. Thank you for all of the sweet spoils we got! Our highlights were definitely watching how the children love each other, giving sweet little gifts and plenty of love and hugs! Our Valentine’s boogey on the deck was so much fun and the children really made us proud with their awesome dance moves. We have some natural Casanovas and some incredible dancers in this class!

For art this week, we concentrated on making a special Valentine’s Day card for mommy and daddy. We used our fine motor skills to tear up little pieces of red, white and pink paper, which we then stuck into a heart. We stuck little puzzle pieces around this and stuck a very cute note inside.

As a Valentine’s gift, we made beautiful flower bouquets. The Bugs painted paper green, then helped us fold them into a fan shape. We painted egg cartons and cut these into little flowers to stick onto the bouquet.

Our moral conscience theme this week was “Love Tanks” – rather an obscure concept for our little people to understand all about keeping your love tank full to share with other people, by being kind and loving to yourself. We explained that giving love makes that person have extra love to give, it’s always a good idea to hug, give kisses and cuddles, and make people feel valued and cared for. They most certainly understood this!

Just a few more points to remember:

  • Please remember to cut nails on a weekly basis
  • Please do not send toys from home with your child to school. We now how tempting it is when you can avoid a fight or tears by letting them bring their favourite toy to school, but they cause problems in class when other children want to play with these new toys and we have to take them away. We love encouraging children to share but when it is their toy and they have a strong sense of ownership over it, we can’t really expect them to share it, and then if it breaks, we really don’t want to have that situation happening.
  • Please send children to school in suitable footwear for sport on FunFit Sport days. Please also put shorts on under any dresses – important!
  • Please label everything folks! Even just initials on the bottom of shoes and inside hoodies and tracksuit tops. We have had a few items mysteriously vanish and we can’t do anything if it’s not labelled!
  • Please remember “no juice allowed”. Juice encourages sharing of bottles and therefore, germs. We try our best to keep our kiddies germ free and this is very difficult if there is yummy juice that everyone wants to taste.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and all things CHOCOLATE, we decided to check who has been reading the blog with a secret question. This week, the question is: Are you a Ferrero Rocher kind of person, or are you on Team Lindor Ball? Please post just your answer on the WhatsApp group with no other explanation, so we know that you have read our blog! Haha! Teacher Gemma is Team Lindor ball, and Teacher Thandi is firmly on the Ferrero Rocher side of the fence, but at the end of the day…. CHOCOLATE IS CHOCOLATE!

Next Week’s Theme: Safety


Pre-School Love

 I read somewhere this week, “If you want to really feel loved, work at a pre-school on Valentine’s Day” –

and this was so true! 


Dates to Diarise:


Haircut Day: 16 Feb

Bon Fire Picnic: 18 Feb

Mid-Term Break: 25th – 28th Feb

(no school, no Holiday Club)





Lots of love

Teacher Gemma and the Busy Bugs Assistants

Love is in the air!


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