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My School, Class and Teachers

Jan 15, 2021
Theme: My School Class and Teachers

Colour: Red

Shape: Circle

Number: 1

Letter: Aa

Moral Conscience Theme: School Rules

Welcome to our Busy Bugs class January 2021! After an extremely crazy year last year, we look forward to spending, what will hopefully be a sort of “normal” year, getting to know our new little Bugs and their lovely parents. It has been crazy seeing how much all of the Playful Pups from last year have grown and so much fun meeting our new Bugs.

We would also like to introduce us teachers, Teacher Gemma and her assistant Teacher Portia and Teacher Kate Lynn and her assistant Teacher Lorraine. If you ever have any questions or need to talk, please don’t hesitate to either message us or catch us in the morning or afternoon for a quick chat.

During the Busy Bugs year, your children start being exposed to tougher activities and tasks, and the things they learn will amaze you! One of the exciting new things we do this year is show and tell. Every Friday (or Thursday depending if there is a long weekend) we ask 2 children to bring a theme related item for show and tell. We start with the top name and bottom name of our class list and work our way to the middle. We will put who the next 2 children are at the end of every blog, as well as send a message out each week reminding you. If your child is absent on their day, please don’t worry. Just send it the next available day we will do it then! (show and tell is the only exception to the “no toys” rules). Show and Tell will start when we get back from mid-term break!

We would also like to take this opportunity to advise you of a few of our classroom rules:

  • Please don’t forget to label ALL items sent to school. Items such as hats and water bottles are so common and there can be at least 3 other bottles/hats that are exactly the same throughout the other classrooms on any given day!
  • Please NO TOYS are to be sent to school.
  • Please NO juice allowed in water bottles. This opens them up to sharing and “borrowing” of bottles because juice obviously tastes better than water does!
  • Please try and keep the WhatsApp group clear of “unnecessary” messages. Our WhatsApp group, which is “open” from 6:00 am till 6:00 pm, is primarily for us teachers to communicate with parents. If you have any concerns to address, please do so privately to a teacher and not over the WhatsApp group. Please note that during the day we may not be able to reply to messages immediately as we are busy in class, if it is an emergency, please phone us or as a last resort, phone the school admin number or Principal Anita.

We have had the best first week of school and look forward to the many more we get to spend with our Bugs! The hard parts is almost over folks! Pretty soon your little boy or girl will be waving goodbye without even looking back and you’ll find yourselves being the ones crying happy tears instead of them!

We hope you have a lovely restful weekend and we will see you all next week!

Lots of Love

The Busy Bugs Teachers and Assistants

Next Week’s Theme:       Me and My Body

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