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The Farm: Fruit and Vegetables

May 19, 2023


The Farm: Fruit & Vegetables








Vv – Vegetables

This week has brought chilly weather, but that has not stopped our Bugs from enjoying their days to the MAX! We had a jam packed week learning all about The Farm: Fruit and Vegetables! This is a theme close to our hearts at EcoKids as it is everything we stand for and believe in. Healthy kids and healthy food.

Our Bugs had so much fun discussing the different fruits and veggies and we were very surprised at how many different fruits and veggies our Bugs actually know including the less common ones like Kiwi, Cherries, Cauliflower and Spring Onion. When we asked our Bugs if they enjoyed fruits, we had a very collective YES!!! When we asked if our Bugs enjoyed vegetables… well, not so much! Haha!

We also got to discuss what the differences were between fruits and vegetables. Fruits grow on trees or vines, and veggies grow on or in the ground. As well as that fruits are better to eat raw and veggies are better to eat cooked, although technically you can eat them any way you choose.

For Art this week, the Bugs looked at pictures of different fruits, and coloured in pictures the same colours they saw. We then cut out these fruits and added it to our basket that we painted.

Have a lovely weekend, keep warm and we will see you all next week.

Next Week’s Theme: On the Farm: Farm Animals

Next Week’s Show and Tell: Basi and Phophi

See you at Sports Day tomorrow!


 Dates to Diarise:  

2 June: Hearing Tests

7 June: Haircut Day

15 June: Bike-a-Thon Day

16 June: Youth Day (Public Holiday)

23 June: Book Character Dress Up Day and Break Up Day

26, 27, 28, 29, 30 June: Mid Term Break

3 July: Back to School


Lots of love

Teacher Gemma, Teacher Monette and the Busy Bugs Assistants

Our ha-PEA children!

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