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Wild Animals & Birds of Prey; Mommies & Babies

May 12, 2023


Wild Animals & Birds of Prey; Mommies & Babies






1 & 2 



Zz – Zebra

Welcome back to school for the second term!

We were so happy to see your smiling faces on Wednesday morning! The holidays were long, but we can assure you that all of them are having happy and (mostly) warm and sunny days at school with their friends!

We cannot believe how much they have grown! A lot of them have come back to school fully potty trained, some of them are talking so much all of a sudden, and they are all listening very well – we sense a general “maturity” increase happened during the holidays as it always does, and we are very proud of them!

 We spent every day of this short week, having very intense and long ring times, discussing animals from all over Africa and other wild animals from around the world such as tigers and kangaroos! We learned so many cool and fun facts about these animals and the children were hanging on to our every word! It is amazing to watch their little faces while they are engaged with a topic that really excites them! Too sweet to see! We listened to the sounds these animals make thanks to the wonder of technology, and watched many little video clips of them! It has taken some effort this week to remind them that they are indeed little people and not really monkeys and lions! Haha! What a special time.

For art this week, we made the cutest recycled Pringle tin Giraffe hand puppets. Unfortunately, you are only going to be able to view these at Art Expo!

This theme also continued over to this week, and we learned about animal mommies in the wild, and how they look after their babies.

Have an amazing weekend, and we will see you back next week for another exciting theme!

Theme: Mothers and their Babies, Mother’s Day

Colour: Pink

Shape: Heart

Number: 1

Letter: M – Mommy

Moral Conscience Theme: Respecting authority – mommy knows best!

This week, was all about MOM! We learned all about mothers and their babies and it was so sweet to see how much our little Bugs know about this topic! They all had lots to say about their own mommies, telling us what they love about you and everything you do for them. 

We asked them to tell us all about what a mommy does for her baby. The Bugs know that mommies grow babies “in their tummies” (bless them) and that a mommy gives her baby milk, and keeps them warm and changes smelly nappies! Mommies sing to their babies and bath them, and make them feel better when they are sick! They also make food for their babies and give lots of hugs and kisses! What lucky children!

We also learned that animal babies have special names! A baby cow is called a calf; a baby horse is called a foal. Pigs have piglets and cats have kittens! Dogs have puppies and sheep have lambs. Goats have kids (this was a little confusing – hehe!) Lions and bears have cubs, while wolves and seals have pups. And ALL these mommies look after their babies so nicely and make sure that they have everything they need!

This is why it’s important to make mommies feel special on their one very special day each year called “Mother’s day!”

For a gift this year, our Bugs made beautiful tie-dyed flower necklaces that they sprayed with food colouring themselves. We also made the cutest, handprint flowerpot cards. We hope you love these special gifts that your Bugs made for you!

Happy Mother’ Day, all you super moms!

Winter is well and truly upon us, so please make sure you dress your children in layers that can be easily removed. Label everything! If you would like, you may also send a labelled beanie to use at playtime so we can keep those heads warm and the chilly wind out of their ears! May we suggest you start using extra vitamin C or an immune booster so that all our Bugs can hopefully stay germ free this winter!  

Next Week’s Theme: On the Farm: Fruit and Veg

Next Week’s Show and Tell: Amari and Ryleigh

We know it can get tough out there moms ... Thank you for all that you do!


 Dates to Diarise:  

19 May: Haircut Day

2 June: Hearing Tests

7 June: Haircut Day

15 June: Bike-a-Thon Day

16 June: Youth Day (Public Holiday)

23 June: Book Character Dress Up Day and Break Up Day

26, 27, 28, 29, 30 June: Mid Term Break

3 July: Back to School


Lots of love

Teacher Gemma, Teacher Monette and the Busy Bugs Assistants

We Missed These Faces!

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