Outdoor fun with blocks

Our theme this at Moms and Babes week was blocks! We sat on big blocks, knocked down towers, clapped our wooden blocks together, stuck and unstuck the big Lego blocks…. There are soft blocks, hard blocks, colourful blocks, wooden blocks, sponge blocks, cardboard blocks…. so many things to discover! Then we went outside for some outdoor fun with our blocks!  

Messy Play With Gloop!

Dear Charlotte! Thank you for playing and getting so messy with me! I had a blast playing with the green gloop with you! Your Mom is so cool to let you run wild, get messy and explore to your hearts content. Gloop recipe Ingredients 2 cups of corn flour 1 cup cold water Pour the corn flour into a bowl, add the cold water slowly, stirring constantly and stop when the water is barely absorbed by the cornflour. Gloop is easy to clean and wonderful fun, particularly outdoors.   Gloop will brush off clothing as a dry powder.   Is it solid …

Welcome to the Moms and Babes – Benoni Blog

Dear Moms, Finally a space for you to post info, share pictures, thoughts and funny stories or bits of advice between yourselves. The blog is moderated so you may not see your entry post immediately, but it should be up within 24hours (depending on how much sleep I skip)!! From my side: I never thought I would find myself doing anything like Moms and Babes and yet it is the most exciting and rewarding career I could ever hope for. I look forward to seeing the babies smiling faces week after week, watching them grow and develop so quickly. I get such …

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