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Welcome Back 2020

It was the most seamless and easy start to the school year ever! Thank you to my amazing teachers for all that you do to make the first experience of school as easy as possible. Especially our young EcoBabes who have moved up to the preschool have had no issues settling in to the new school year!

Trees EcoFun Park Outing

On Wednesday the 31st of July we had a wonderful and educational outing to Eco Trees Park in Benoni.

At the Park the children had the opportunity to climb trees (and boy oh boy did they climb!) crawl through a tunnel , hide in a bush cave and look out of the tree house.

We solved riddles and deciphered jumbled messages, some children enjoyed some time under the pin oak tree at a table where they could count out acorns into corresponding little buckets. This was a fun little numeracy activity to do in nature.

A fun little fact about the park is that many of the pieces of equipment and play areas are made of recycled materials. This was very exciting for us as it is in keeping with our schools ethos and values. In areas A and B there are 13 things which were made either Reusing or Recycling materials. Each item has been marked with a little red R and the children enjoyed hunting for them.

In area C and D the children got to explore lots of different stations which were also “upcycled” and repurposed, teacher Kim sat with a few children and taught them how to play a little game of tic tac toe, this resulted in fits of laughter when they outsmarted me and won a game (or two)

Some of the children enjoyed drawing in the sand with bamboo drawing sticks, some practiced writing their names while others just made spirals, shapes and patterns. One or two of the Crew even tried to decipher a Morse code message at the blackboard but this proved to be a little more tricky than it seemed so they just happily practiced writing letters and drawing pictures. There was a swing ball game in the grass, and it was absolutely hysterical watching these little people trying to make the ball go round and hit it with a racket. Well done for trying! J

For snack we enjoyed a sippy yoghurt and a piece of fruit which went down a treat and the children were all so good at making sure their yoghurt packets were thrown away. What a great little bunch of litter hero’s! For lunch we enjoyed chicken sausage “hot dogs” a little packet of chips and a ceres apple juice – and again we didn’t have to reminds any of the children to throw their rubbish away!


We are super proud of the way our children behaved and respected the toys and animals at the Park! Well done Curious Crew for being such big children.

Thank you to everyone for allowing us to take your little ones on this outing and to Eco Trees Park for having us visit for the day. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Wild Ones Animal Show 2019

What a wonderful experience for our children! Thank you to Julian and all his wonderful creatures for spending the morning with us! We were highly entertained and educated with all your fun stories and facts! Photo credit to Tiago Nazareth. We appreciate you capturing these wonderful memories for the parents! Thank you my darling!

Book Character Dress Up Day 2019

Thank you to all the parents and children for embracing this day and making it so special!  Children who are read to every day have a larger vocabulary than those who aren’t read to at all. It turns out that reading has many advantages and the benefits of reading are worth the short amount of time it takes. Not only does reading enhance a child’s vocabulary, and to help them understand how to read and write, but reading aloud to children also helps them to understand different topics about the world and everyday life! Most importantly though… it makes them feel seen, loved and special! This is such a precious thing to do with your

child, so end your day with a story!

Earth’s EcoWarriors – Concert 2019

The EcoKids 2019 concert theme is so important to me as it stands for everything we believe in at our school. We are understanding and supportive and we have such an important job. We are raising Earth’s EcoWarriors.
We are families from all different backgrounds, with different cultures and upbringings. We have different interests, unique talents, strengths weakness. We are all different, but we are all the same. And we teach our children tolerance, compassion and generosity as we instill these values in our young EcoWarriors.
We sang song’s that the incredible EcoKids’ Teachers and Assistants have taught the children. Some of which are original songs written by Teacher Gemma and myself, specifically to impart the message that today’s performance hopes to instill in you…. as we have seen it take root in the hearts of these little ones of yours.
The children were involved in every step of getting the performance ready for the big day, watching how we have used initiative and creativity to make “NEW from Old” as the recycling song says. We have created this amazing set and these beautiful costumes using by showing the children how to TRULY APPLY the concept of the 3 R’s Reduce reuse and recycle. And they have loved watching the set come to life and the pieces all fit together.
Anyone can wave an EFT at something and make MAGIC but the VALUE of what we have achieved through the EcoWarriors Concert production is instilling these YOUNG minds with ingenuity, originality and creativity. To show them in terms they can truly understand…Hard work pays off, commitment and perseverance. They are never too young to have that seed planted in their mind.
As a Principal I could not be more PROUD of my TEAM! I have learnt so much through the journey of EcoKids and over the last few weeks and especially the last few days. It has just been so clear to me that…. Putting this concert together has been smooth sailing… and I know that it is thanks to my dedicated, experienced and very supportive team of women and MEN. You are an incredibly hard working, encouraging and nurturing and tight knit group. Thank you for supporting each other and me so wonderfully through all it takes do everything we do for our little EcoWarriors!
Participating in a day like today is so important.
We all want our children
• to be filled with confidence and joy in their hearts, and through this experience
• They have to reach deep inside and find their brave
• They have to listen and show huge self-control
• They have to think hard and remember their lines and actions whilst keeping the butterflies in their tummies under control.
• They have to keep their costumes in place and do their best to remember to not pick at the feathers or leaves or seeds……
• They have to stand in the right place and smile and go off at the right time….. oh my!!! It is a LOT! Even I get confused and forget my lines and I am 10 even 20 times older than some of them!
The children performed like super stars on stage, the songs and actions learnt, the rehearsals and the whole experience is a wonderful TEACHABLE MOMENT in itself. The lessons, the learning, the confidence and the growth… these beliefs are upheld are what make me proudest.
Through the rehearsals and on the day of the big show we have watched the children encouraging and supporting each other and really taking on the LESSONS that the THEME of this year’s show hopes to impart. I think it is evident that the message has been heard loud and clear and we are overjoyed at how our EcoKids children take this message to heart.
Earth’s EcoWarriors
• Care for our world we live in by leaving a small footprint as they tread lightly and gently.
• They are kind to the animals and nature and respect natural resources.
• They are good students – no matter how old or young they are, and are always ready to learn.
• They are good family members, friends and citizens.
The children were confident and shinning stars in their own unique individual ways. It is unbelievable how brave and bold these young ones can be! This is what EcoKids stands for.
Thank you to all the parents for your faith and trust in us to guide these young hearts and minds. When they leave, which ever school they may go to one day. All they take with them is themselves and the lessons and values that the experience of their school has instilled in them. A love of learning, a kind heart, a curious mind and a determined attitude.
Thank you for the amazing turnout for our lovely concert. I am so impressed by the eagerness and participation from all the parents. I am sure your kids will be singing their concert songs in the car for many weeks to come. It was marvelous watching their little personalities emerge. We certainly have some amazing performers with true star quality
Thank you TIAGO NAZARETH Photography for these incredible images.

Merry Christmas! May Peace and Love fill your homes and your hearts :-)

Merry Christmas to all our EcoKids Families! wishing you a wonderful day surrounded by family and friends. May you share love and laughter with all around you. Good food and thoughtful gifts. Remembering Jesus and all the reasons we celebrate Him.

Children: Remember your thank you’s and say GOODBYE to your Elfs on Shelfs!! Yipee (sigh of relief from all the parents!)
Moms and Dads: Remember to keep living Green and recycling over the Holidays 🙂

I am sure you will all be Blessed with family and fun, beautiful gifts and surrounded by love!
Warm Christmas Wishes
Teacher Anita and all our Wonderful EcoKids Staff

Smart Squad Graduation 2018

We are so proud of our young graduate you’s
Cause today is the day we celebrate that too!
Prouder than proud it is cooler than cool!.
Because now you’re done at EcoKids Preschool!
It’s hard for us to believe that the time has come
for you children…. our babies, to go to Grade 1!

It feels like a blink of an eye ago when you first started preschool…..
and we looked at you
and your parents looked at you and thought “Oh wow! You are growing up too fast!”
and now you are leaving pre-school and we are still saying “Oh wow! You are growing up too fast!”
and life is like that…. Fast paced and crazy. So we treasure all these special day and celebrate so we REMEMBER and ACKNOWLEDGE just how awesome life is, how awesome you are and how lucky we are to be able to SHARE this together.

You are capable, independent, organised and efficient!
You are kind, compassionate and well mannered!
You are intelligent, free thinking and inquiring!
You are brave, risk taking and open minded!
You are fit, athletic and energetic!
You are confident, well-spoken and ready!

And now the special time has come
for us to say congrats! “ Well done!!”
We have happy hearts, seeing you ready
Oh so ready and ever so steady!
And before we start to cry
We have something special to give to you
Because in our mind we know it is true!
You’ll remember all the lessons we taught to you.

I am so Proud to wish the Graduating class of 2018 all the very best!
All my Love!
Teacher Anita

Kidsville Outing and Boot Camp

Our Smart Squad and Curious Crew children enjoyed a wonderful day at Kidsville this Friday!

Thank you to all our wonderful moms and dads who assisted with transport and the fabulous teachers who made the day so exciting!

BIG THANK YOU and HUGE Admiration time!


Coach Tim

You are a master at what you do and I don’t think we can put a value to the work you do with these children! When I see what an enormous impact you are having on their lives I can not thank you enough!

Gross motor skill is the foundation of learning at preschool level. You have taken each of these children and extended them to their full potential. Given them praise and boosted their confidence. Helped them to feel secure and understand their personal capabilities. Taught them team work and spirit. How to be competitive and yet gracious losers and humble winners.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for every child’s life you are making a difference in! They all adore you.

For Kidsville Boot Camp Coach Tim divided the children into 4 teams: the Ants, Caterpillars, Dragonflies and Bumblebees

They all participated in Shuttle Sprints and Army Training! He was so happy with how the stronger kids assisted the more cautious children and they all worked well together.

PROUD teacher moments!

We love you Coach! Thank you for being such a HUGE part of our team!


Bike-a-thon 2018

Bike-a-thon 2018 was wonderful! Apart from the wind, the day was a wonderful success as usual! We are very impressed with the number of children riding so confidently and more importantly, what amazing team spirit! They cheered each other on and pushed the little ones around. We could not ask for better sportsmanship. Thank you Tiago Nazareth for capturing the day. Your photographs are wonderful!

Let’s go on SAFARI! Wild and Earthly Animal Show

Thank you for an amazing show Wild and Earthly and for wonderful moments captured so expertly Tiago Nazareth

Our little people were in awe and so inspired. I love how they get the opportunity to experience so much. So Blessed!