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Nov 27, 2021

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 Ff – food

What an absolutely amazing second last week of school. As things are nearing the end it is a blessing to see how much the Crew have grown since the beginning of the year. There have been so many special memories made this week.

On Monday the Crew made their very own ice lollies, created with yoghurt and fruit bits. They had so much fun making the mixture and pouring it into moulds. We also spent the day working through our shapes (focusing on 3D specifically as next year they will cover this more in detail). On Tuesday we decided to make Principal Anita a lovely birthday card for her birthday. It was so special to see how much they love her and all the wonderful memories they have of her. Later on in the day we enjoyed our frozen ice lollies in the garden – they were delicious!

Cooking week is always fun for the children to be involved in making something and feeling like ‘big kids’! On Thursday we created our very own snack! Nutella and fruit on bread! They were so excited and made wonderful masterpieces! We definitely have some Picassos in the class! We tackled numbers, their formation is very important going to Grade R. The Crew have progressed well with recognising their numerals and we are so proud of them! The weather on Thursday was perfect for movies and popcorn! Yay!

For homework this week, if you could practice letter sounds – ask your child to sing the alphabet song and then go through the letters asking them to sound out the letters. They will surprise you!

Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday!

We went on an outing!

Wednesday was our Curious Crew outing day. It was truly a beautiful day, the weather was great and the children had a blast! They were all so well-behaved and listened so well. There were many swings and even a big (fabric sac) swing! The Crew had such a jol! We are so blessed with the children that we had this year! We are going to miss them so much!

Please remember:

Christmas boxes for your child’s art

Flash sticks for reports 

Last few items for our 12 Days of Christmas Charity Drive



Lots of love

The Curious Crew Teachers and Assistants

Spicing up our week with super fun activities!


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