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Autumn, Birds, Migration and Easter

Apr 7, 2023


Autumn, Birds, Migration & Easter




Cross & Oval





Oo – Oval

This week in the Curious Crew class , we focused a lot on Easter during theme discussion, we focused on the real meaning behind Easter and we watched a few educational videos to try make it easier for the kids to understand, we also sang our weekly songs daily for our shape and we counted to our number too. Everyone loved speaking about Easter and their excitement for the Easter bunny was real!!

For Art this week , we had many fun easter activities planned for everyone, we made the cutest little egg shell plant, it was a fun idea Teacher Clarissa got from our Phonic book last week, called ‘Egg Heads’, each child had the chance to decorate their egg shells then place Chia seeds into their eggs, and its been their responsibility this week to water their seeds.

We also got super creative with waxies and water paint this week, each child had a secret pattern drawn on their eggs for their cards and they had to use different coloured water paints to bring out their patterns.

Using paper cups we really put on our creative caps and we made a hopping bunny using bottle caps, elastics and we drew on bunny faces and pasted on ears, the class did so well, and each of their bunnies are so unique.

 It was a lot of fun this week with all our different art activities we had planned for everyone , we all had a blast

On Wednesday we had a super fun and exciting outing to Eagles Tumbling at John Barrable Hall, the kiddies that went got to explore all the apparatus and they all got put into groups with different coaches and they got to part take in different activities that the coaches had planned for them 


This weeks Heart Matters lesson was based on how they feel according to what they hear, so teacher Hela played different music for them, and they had a turn to tell the group how they feel, the kiddies loved being able to dance and move around to different kind of music. It was an educational, and everyone defiantly learnt new things.

May everyone have a blessed Easter weekend with their friends and families, to those going away may you travel safely.

We are looking forward to Term 2 with our Curious Crew and all the fun times and adventures that lay ahead.


Wishing All Our Christian Families And Friends A Happy And Blessed Easter ...


 Dates to Diarise:  

7 – 10 April: Easter Weekend

11 April: Holiday Club Starts

27 April: Public Holiday (No Holiday Club)

28 April: Last Day of Holiday Club

1 May: Public Holiday (No Holiday Club)

2 May: Staff Return (No Holiday Club)

3 May: Term 2 Starts!


Lots of love

Teacher Clarissa, Teacher Ash and the Curious Crew Assistants

First Term Done And Dusted!

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