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Caring For Our World – Recycling

Jun 9, 2023


Caring For Our World – Recycling









Rr- Recycling

This week , we really took the time to explain our theme thoroughly in our morning theme discussions, we spoke about the importance of Recycling , we also discussed what materials can be recycled and how they get divided into 4 different bins  we also sang our recycling song too. we also in our morning rings , counted , went over our colour of the week , number and shape too.

We practiced our concert songs and dances , and boy everyone is doing it so well.

For art this week , we did a very cute “Reduce , Reuse , Recycle colouring in work sheet. And this came out so cute as everyone tried their best to colour in so so well

We also did a crossing midline worksheet as well as a counting and cutting worksheet. 

This week we had a super busy and funfilled lesson with Coach Trevor , this week we had to show coach Trevor just what we made of , we had to climb , skip , kick , hop and so much more !!!


Curious Crew Yoga:
Today we focused on hand coordination and strengthening by using our wooden stick and rolling it between our hands (making a fire)
This basic exercise reduces feelings of stress and helps improve motor control and aids in motor memory for learning movements involved in fine motor tasks. Using both hands together in a coordinated movement is a skill required for writing and using scissors

In addition, our yogis had to use their core muscles aswell as their upper body strength to grab hold of the wooden stick by using the superman pose. Using their core and upper body, the yogis then had to grab hold of the stick and keep their tummy tight and body straight, and arms and elbows off the ground for 10 seconds. This exercise aids in strengthing the muscles around the spine as well as inner core.


For baking this week , we used recycled cups , and we made worms in dirt , using oreos for the soil and gummy worms for the earth worms , the class loved this idea and were all looking so forward to enjoying their little snack.


Today we say goodbye to our very special Damon , as him and his family embark on their new adventure in Australia, we wish them the best of luck with the journeys that lay ahead , we pray you have a safe flight and that you and your family get settled soon.

We are going to miss Damon’s cute smile , Dinosaur stories , and cute head of curls , he will always have a special place in the Curious Crew class.*

Overall it was a busy week in the curious crew class.

May everyone have a blessed weekend.

Next weeks theme : Sports and Fathers Day




 Dates to Diarise: 

15 June: Bike-a-Thon

16 June: Youth Day

23 June: Book Character Dress Up Day 

23 June: Break Up Day

26, 27, 28, 20, 30 June: Mid Term Break

3 July: Back to School


Lots of love

Teacher Clarissa, Teacher Ash and the Curious Crew Assistants

Our Green Ambassadors!

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