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Health and Hygiene

Feb 8, 2022


Health & Hygiene










Last week we had so much fun! We started off the week by discussing the importance of health and hygiene. We demonstrated to the children how far a sneeze can travel if you don’t cover your mouth. We also did an experiment with three pieces of bread. One piece of bread that wasn’t touched by anyone, one piece of bread that was touched by everyone and one piece of bread that we sprayed with sanitizer. We observed how the touched piece of bread full of germs grew the most mould on it.

The first group of Crew had lots of fun making their very own soap with teacher Clarissa while the others worked on their ‘I brushed my teeth!’ worksheet which they completed so well!

One of our favourite activities this week was creating a germ! The children had so much fun creating it with strips of paper and glue. The little germs were all so cute!

We did various other activities that just showed us teachers how clever these children are! We are super proud of how they are absorbing everything we are teaching them!

Below are two of the poems we did last week, please repeat them at home to see how much of it your clever little ones know! We are sure they will actually be surprised if they hear you saying them too!

This week’s theme: Valentine’s Day and Emotions.

Have a wonderful week!


The Green Poem!

Green is the grass,

String beans and peas.

Green are the branches on a Christmas tree.

The Shape SONG

Tommy Triangle

Proud as can be!

Count my sides 1,2,3.


Dates to Diarise:


Kiddies Valentine’s Disco: 11 Feb

(during school)

Haircut Day: 16 Feb

Bon Fire Picnic: 18 Feb

Mid-Term Break: 25th – 28th Feb

(no school, no Holiday Club)





Lots of love

Teacher Clarissa, Teacher Jules and the Curious Crew Assistants

Our fruit makes us cute!


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