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Healthy Eating, Etiquette and Manners

Feb 22, 2024


Healthy Eating, Etiquette & Manners









Ff – Food

The Crew did really well in this week’s activities! We learnt so much about food pyramids and setting the table. After this week the Crew are definitely more clued up with manners and etiquette!

The MANNERS song

We say thank you, we say please.

We don’t interrupt or tease.

We don’t argue.

We don’t fuss, listen when folks talk to us.

Share our toys and take our turn,

Manners are easy to learn.

After discussing the food pyramid, explaining that meat is protein and breads, pastas and rice is carbohydrates, we also explained that the bottom of the pyramid is what we need to eat the most of and as it moves up we need to eat less of. Right at the very top the children know they are only allowed a little bit of sugar and sweets, so only on weekends. You are welcome! Lol.

Music and Movement: This week for music and movement we started practicing for our concert. The Crew loved hearing all the new somgs that we are going to learn as well as doing the movements with the songs. ‘Ooo I think that I found myself a cheerleader..’ So exciting!

Mind Ninja’s topic this week was feeling scared. We went around to discuss what makes the Crew scared and what helps them feel better or comforts them when they are scared. At the beginning of each session we will give ourselves a big hug and repeat; I love me, I am special, I am brave, I am strong and I can do ANYTHING. So when we added being scared to our song, it was only appropriate to shout I AM BRAVE. We also made worry monsters, a purple one and an orange one. These little monsters will be on display in class and the kids will be able to draw a picture or ask one of us to do a write up to feed the worry monster, who loves to take away worries.

Since our colour of the week is orange, and orange is a secondary colour. The Crew teamed up to mix red and yellow hand prints to make orange. This was such a cute and fun activity. What a hit!

We did such a cute little activity on Wednesday morning where we helped the children set a table. This was such a great activity and the Crew even asked us a few interesting questions about it. If you have dinners at home where you have to set the table definitely ask them to help you.

The Crew coloured in a rainbow of fruits and veggies and WOW that beautiful colouring in was done! Please let your child colour and free draw at home, some of the Crew did get tired after only colouring in a few pictures and with our Grade we do, do more colouring in, writing and drawing to help prepare them for the work they will do in Grade R.

Important tips: Explain explain explain, at this age the Crew have a much better understanding and we can use this for teachable moments in your daily living. Especially when it comes to rules and when rules are broken. Use examples that you do yourself, this week I used the example that if I decided I wasn’t going to stop at the red light because I didn’t feel like it, what would happen? I also explained that we ALL have to follow rules everyone in the world. Use these teachable moments, the Crew also enjoy role play situations and acting out scenario’s. 

Next week’s theme: Safety


Have a wonderful long weekend!


 Dates to Diarise:

22 Feb: Mid-Term Break Up Day

23 – 26 Feb: Mid Term Break & Camping Weekend

27 Feb: Back to School

9 March: Sports Day

14 March: Pet Demo

15 March: Haircut Day

21 March: Public Holiday (Human Rights Day)

22 March: School Holiday

29 March – 1 April: Easter Weekend

11 April: Break Up Day

12 April: Holiday Club Starts



Lots of love

Teacher Clarissa, Teacher Tegan and the Curious Crew Assistants

Our Healthy, Polite, Kind Crew!

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