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Jul 8, 2022











Ll – Lizard

,Welcome back to the second half of Term 2! We hope everyone had a lovely mid-term break and enjoyed reading your child’s mid-year assessment. 

 This week was all about reptiles! You can ask your child what makes a reptile a reptile and see what they say!

We started off the week with some pencil control, perceptual skills, pattern copying and colour by letter recognition, all including the theme of reptiles. 

 Our shape of the week is a hexagon so we decided to make a cute tortoise out of a hexagon shape. We encouraged the children to create a pattern on their tortoise shell and some of the patterns turned out beautifully! The Crew had to cut out and paste their tortoise together and, wow, we are so impressed with how their cutting skills have improved! We are super happy with their progress in this area. 

 On Wednesday we had such an awesome day as Julian from the Exotic Animal Sanctuary came to show the children all his weird and wonderful reptiles and a few other things, like his bird eating spider. We were surprised to see that so many children weren’t afraid to touch or hold some of the creatures. This is very cool that they are so keen to experience new things and interact with nature. We have some brave Crew in the class! 

 Next weekend is our concert! Eek! One week to go! We have been practicing very hard. Next week will be all about putting the finishing touches on their performances and costumes. We think that the Crew have had so much fun and they can’t wait to see and wear their costumes! 

 Please continue to work hard on our Letter Challenge, the more practice the children get, the better prepared they will be for Smart Squad/Grade R. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 



… was definitely when we got a visit from the ‘Snake Man!’ 

We had some very brave kiddies … and some hesitant little ones too!



 Dates to Diarise:

Haircut Day: 13 July

Concert: 16 July

Nelson Mandela Day: 18 July (details to be advised)

Pyjama Dress Up & Break Up Day: 5 August (Holiday Club details to follow)


Lots of love

Teacher Clarissa, Teacher Jules and the Curious Crew Assistants

What a sssssssuper week!

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