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Jul 7, 2023











Ll – Letter

This week the Curious Crew class had the best time with the theme! We had a great amount of fun during ring time, speaking about our favourite reptiles , and we discussed what  reptiles are , and what makes a reptile a reptile. We spoke about them having cold blood and a hard skin , and that they lay eggs too. We also discussed their living environment and how they differ. 

AND we had a SUPER awesome visitor on Wednesday at school , we had the coolest reptiles come visit us at school and we got to touch and hold different reptiles, it was hands down the best day of the week. 

For art this week , we had so much fun ! We made our very own reptile booklets , which we had the best time creating, and we made the cutest hexagon Turtles, each child had to colour in , and cut out their own hexagons , and make their own turtles , we loved how each turtle came out so differently and beautifully. 


Welcome back after our mid-term break 

After doing our warm ups and stretches, we played broken telephone. 

The benefits of this game are: 

Improved communication and listening skills by encouraging kids to listen and focus to the words being said and to correctly relay the information to their friend. 

We had some very funny messages being passed along. One sentence in particular ” the yellow sun shines” came out at as “the yellow donkey” 

Heart matters 

In Heart Matters this week , Teacher Hela spoke about expected and unexpected reactions and emotions. She explained how things can happen unexpectedly and then we react accordingly to that action. 


This week we had a super fun lesson with coach Trevor , he hyped us up so much , and really ensured we enjoyed our lessons with him. 

For the boys , they were divided into two teams , and they were placed with a bucket full of balls, and then coach Trevor called out a colour , and the teams had to take out all the colour balls before the time ran out. 

For the girls , the girls climbing skills were put to the test , each girl was given a small amount of time to climb up and climb back down before the buzzer went off. 

It was overall a fun and very educational week for the Curious Crew. 

 Next theme : Space 



See you all on Monday!


 Dates to Diarise: 

12 July: Haircut Day

15 July: EcoKids Concert

18 July: Nelson Mandela Day

21 July: Eye Screening


Lots of love

Teacher Clarissa, Teacher Ash and the Curious Crew Assistants

Our Cute Little Creatures!

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