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Feb 24, 2022











Ss – Safety

We had an awesome week learning all about safety and why we have rules in place that actually help us to keep safe. 

 On Monday we decorated the bags we used for cooking, the Crew were told to try and draw one of the safety signs on the board. They learnt all about the shape of the week – hexagon. They traced the shape and got to know that it has 6 sides. 

We had lots of fun making little fire extinguishers using materials we had on hand. They turned out so cute that we decided to keep these for art expo too! 

In Heart Matters teacher Hela taught us all about our ‘regulation zones’ and ways in which we can ‘get back to green’. We implement this in our classroom and when we use our ‘calm down corner’ and box of goodies that all aid in getting us back to green. I think the children will respond well to this initiative 😊

 We did a fire drill yesterday and the Crew all remained calm and collected and listened to instructions very well. Well done, Crew! 

 We are so excited to be starting our class Traveling Pet this week, Gerry! So much fun! We can’t wait to see what he gets up to with your children. 

 Thank you to all those that made to the Parent Info evening! If you have any questions, please let us know. 

 Have a wonderful long weekend and we will see you back in class on Tuesday. 

 Next week’s theme: My Family




Too Big Too Fast!

The Crew are beginning to learn how to write their names, this is tricky but they impressed us with how much they already know! 


Dates to Diarise:


Mid-Term Break: 25th – 28th Feb

(no school, no Holiday Club)

Rare Disease Day: 1 March

Pet Demo: 15 March

Haircut Day: 16 March





Lots of love

Teacher Clarissa, Teacher Jules and the Curious Crew Assistants

Safe, Smiling, Smart !


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