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Nov 18, 2022


Shops & Shopping




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Qq – Queue 

Dear beautiful parents,

Our long awaited Market Day has been the highlight of our week. It’s all that the Crew could talk about. This makes my heart so happy … seeing the joy, our Market Day has brought the Crew.

This week we wrapped up our Puzzle Challenge with a little awards ceremony. As the Crew sat in anticipation for their certificates, one by one I called them up and the response from the Crew for each child was heart-warming to see. They cheered each other on, clapping and jumping for joy for their friends. Very well done to our top 5, thank you for all your hard work!

Our week has been filled with many different activities and games. We have started with some Christmas art as want to make sure our Christmas boxes over flow with the Christmas spirit. And they are not just any Christmas art, there are many different skills used to make these creations.

Working on perceptual skills is one of my favourite activities to do with the Crew. I love getting them thinking. We did dot work, where they had to copy a dotted pattern and we made it fun with paint and ear buds. Each child is different with how they go about dotting the other side and seeing how they go about it. Some children didn’t dot, they dragged the ear bud in the shape of the pattern, so interesting to observe.

Each day we practice the alphabet, going over the name, sound and Jolly Phonics of each letter. We gave each child a white board and went over each letter of the Alphabet. The Crew first had to recognise which letter I was holding up and I would explain how to write the letter. The Crew love working on white boards and the proof is in the pictures. What lovely letter formation they did! Beaming teachers! Take a look at how well they did…

For our ‘Gift of Giving’ charity drive, the Crew are working together to decorate bags that the gifts will go in. We have some beautiful free paintings, sprinkled with glitter to give it that extra special Christmas sparkle.

I hope you all got your Triangular-prisms made by the Curious Crew. They have really loved making these 3D shapes and it has helped them understand and recognise 3D shapes more easily.

For our themed art, the Crew were tasked with cutting out pictures in magazines, pictures that caught their eye, things they would like to buy. The Crew also coloured in and cut out some money. It was so funny to see how they lit up getting ’money’ LOL. So cute! They loved their purses so much they would like to use it at market day. Job well done.

At yoga this week the Crew did a story “Going on a dragon hunt”. It worked as a listening, sequencing and memory game. We listened to the instructions then demonstrated all the various poses, actions and breathing in the story. At the end the kids were asked questions to see what the remembered. The poses included: tree, boat, bridge, cow, frog, mouse and lion. I hope you enjoyed the little video sent on the group.

Next week we will have our Curious Crew outing to celebrate all the hard work that went into the Crews Market Day. Details and indemnity form to follow…

Next week’s theme: Travel and Holidays

We Wanna Know ...

Are you an IN STORE shopper or an ONLINE shopper?


 Dates to Diarise: 

22 Nov – SS Graduation

25 Nov – CC & SS Outing

5 Dec – Hooked on Books during School

6 Dec – Christmas Party

7 Dec – Break Up Day


Lots of love

Teacher Clarissa and the Curious Crew Assistants

Our Awesome Boys and Girls!

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