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Nov 25, 2022


Travels & Holidays









Hh – Hot 

First and foremost I want to congratulate each and every one for an amazing Market Day! We raised R6, 600 WOW!!! This is amazing!  We are going to have a blast at our outing in celebration of this successful market day.

As we approach the holidays it was very interesting to hear when all the Crew would like to go. We had Scotland, Cape Town, the Bird and Monkey park, Durban, Kenya, South America, the Kurger, and a few kids want to go to Sun City. I think the Crew are ready for their December holidays now.

On Thursday it was Principal Anita’s birthday and we made a lovely card for her, were each child drew a picture of themselves and teacher Anita. It was beautiful and made us so proud.

The Crew renewed their passports (LOL!) And they drew, on film, all the pictures that they took while on holiday. They turned out so cute! WE worked as a class on this one, bouncing ideas back and forth. We sat as a class to draw and colour in.

Learning the alphabet is still one of top priorities. This week we practiced writing our letters on the white boards but we added in numbers 1-20. Can you believe it, these little ones are writing numbers 1-20 now! I can’t believe how fast this year has gone.

We have completed a few different perceptual activities recently but this week’s one is extra cute …  a little Reindeer and a 6 piece puzzle to challenge these clever little kiddies. Well done my Crew I’m so proud of your hard work.

The Crew had so much fun decorating plain brown bags for our charity drive. We free painted Christmas pictures and added the most important detail of all…GLITTER! I don’t know if you have noticed that every day the Crew are covered in glitter LOL it is their favourite!

Next week’s theme  Christmas and we are going to make sure it’s celebrated fully! Us teachers will be dressing up each day with Christmas accessories and Christmas clothing if you and your children would also like to. It has been an amazing year together and it needs to be celebrated so dress your child up each day too. Lets make these last few days extra special and extra magical.

 Next week’s theme: Christmas


Two things children should get from their parents


 Dates to Diarise: 

5 Dec : Hooked on Books during School

6 Dec : Christmas Party

7 Dec : Break Up Day

8 Dec – 15 Dec : Holiday Club


Lots of love

Teacher Clarissa and the Curious Crew Assistants 

Our Jet Setters!

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For art this week, we decided it would be a cool idea for the Crew to make their own Reptile booklets. We set out a displayed and instructed the children to draw first in black as the outline and then to colour in the pictures they had drawn. These came out so beautifully and we have decided to keep them for Art Expo. 

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Winter, Temperatures, Fire and Ice

Winter, Temperatures, Fire and Ice

Our week was filled with quite a few different and fun activities! We did a combination of cooking and art this week where we made colourful and glittery ice-cubes that we froze with ice-cream sticks. Once frozen, the Crew then used them as paint ‘brushes’ and painted a rainbow.

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Caring For Our World: Recycling

Caring For Our World: Recycling

We just couldn’t be more proud of the Curious Crew! With every ring discussion everyone had something to add about saving the world and throwing away rubbish! They understand the importance of recycling and really enjoy making things to reuse.  

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