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Frogs and Ponds, Rivers and Dams

Oct 6, 2023


Frogs & Ponds, Rivers & Dams


Light Blue / Turquoise


Oval / Tear Drop


5 & Recap



Mm – Mud

We eased into the week with a theme discussion on different bodies of water, which plants and animals can be found in these waters and the life cycle of a frog. We enjoyed singing songs and spoke about the life cycle of a frog. The life cycle of a frog starts with eggs, then a tadpole, tadpole turns into a froglet and then froglet will lose its tail and turn into an adult frog. 

For our art we made the most adorable frogs out of rocks. The children chose a rock, painted it in their chosen colour and finger painted speckles. We added pipe cleaners for legs and googley eyes.  These look amazing and we will be keeping them for Art Expo. 

FunFit Sport this week with coach Trever. The Hopper played a game on tenpin bowling. They really enjoyed this and got to work on the hand-eye coordination. They all did so well and we had a few strikes. 

Happy Hoppers Yoga: This week’s lesson focused on their memory and sequencing skills. Working through their yoga poses, we tried to remember what number the pose represented. There were 11 poses in total which the Hoppers were able to remember up to number 8 in the correct order and able to demonstrate perfect poses. They did this activity in May and only got to number 5. Well done Hoppers. 

We went on an adventure to the fish pond next-door. When we got to the pond, each Hopper was given a handful of fish food. The water was very still and quiet at first, then they tossed in the food and watched as the water came to life with the most beautiful koi fish. As you can imagine, this was such an exciting experience for our children! While we were at the pond, we said hello to the horses and had a few spins on the Merry Go Round. When the kiddies got off, they had such a good giggle as they were so dizzy! 

Lazzy got some tadpoles from the dam for us to have a look at during the week, the Hoppers absolutely loved this and were so excited to see a real life tadpole! 

We have had such an exciting and busy week. We are so proud of our Hoppers and all their hard work and efforts that they have put into creating the most beautiful art pieces for our Art Expo. We are so excited to share their work with you! 

Our theme next week will be:  Fantasy 

Have a safe and lovely weekend. 





We wanna know folks … which NIGHT CLUBS did you jol at back in the day?


 Dates to Diarise: 

20 Oct: Art Expo

25 Oct: Mommy & Me Yoga (PP, HH, CC)

26 Oct: Mommy & Me Yoga (BB, SS)

26 Oct: Break Up Day

27, 28, 29 30 Oct: Mid Term Break

31 Oct: Back to School


Lots of love

Teacher Kate-Lynn, Teacher Katy and the Happy Hoppers Assistants

Our Hoppers!

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