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Nov 12, 2021


Shops and Shopping









Qq -queue

This is one of our Hoppers’ favourite themes! They could not wait for Wednesday to go “shopping”.  This was a great opportunity to show our children the value of money. We had a very busy day on Wednesday and they thoroughly enjoyed their shopping. When there are so many cool things to “buy”, it can become difficult for a young child to choose. Our Hoppers were told that their “eco money” could only buy 5 items. They therefore had to choose carefully and had to compromise on other items that they may have also wanted. The Hoppers had a very successful shopping experience.

 This week we did a lot of shop role-play to get ourselves ready for our shopping experience and the Curious Crew’s Market day on Friday. We learnt about different shop names and what we can buy from them, groceries, furniture and toys. A shop where you can just buy meat and poultry from is called a butchery and the person behind the counter is called a Butcher.

 We learnt our Jolly phonics “Qu” blending pair as “Q” is always followed by “U”.

 We also did a maths, 1-10, dot to dot shopping worksheet. After the children had to carefully connect the dots according to number sequence, they coloured it in.

 Just a reminder that we are in the process of doing end year assessments and therefore will not have as many art pieces going home.

 It has been a great week!

The Real Meaning of Christmas!

Please don’t forget that our 12 Days of Christmas initiative starts on Monday. Keep an eye out for the daily reminder messages of what to bring. We never really realize how fortunate we are until we see the needs of others. This initiative is an amazing way to help those who need it the most!

Nearly there people….

It is that time of year again, the crazy time where everything just gets busier and chaotic although festive. Let’s stay safe, healthy and push to the end of the year (can’t believe we are nearly there!) Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Only 3 short weeks of school left! Don’t forget to look out for the Holiday Club Registration Form coming your way soon!

Holiday Club will run from the 8th till the 17th of December. 


Lots of love

The Happy Hoppers Teachers and Assistants


Pics from a ship-shape-shopping week! 


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