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Dinosaurs and Under the Soil

Jul 30, 2021

Theme: Dinosaurs

Colour: Silver & Green

Number: Recap 1- 10

Shape: Cone & Sphere

Letter: Dd – Dinosaur / Day

Moral Conscience: Working together / Smart is better than strong.

Dear Parents,

These passed two weeks have been FANTASTIC!

The children loved learning about this theme and it is safe to say that our Hoppers are experts when it comes to dinosaurs! Their imaginations ran wild and there was dinosaur role-play on a daily basis.

Did you know?

The first dinosaur ever named was a Megalosaurus.  A person who looks for dinosaur fossils is called a Palaeontologist.

We started our dinosaur theme off with a colouring “D” for dinosaur and thereafter a hatching activity. The children used fine motor skills to finger paint their dinosaurs with water colour paint; they then crushed eggshells to stick onto the eggshell section of the dinosaur picture.

We had many theme discussions about names of dinosaurs and types of dinosaurs; herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. We also spoke about fossils and extinction. After all the information was absorbed we did fun activities related to our discussions.

The next activity was one where the children could really tap into their creative imaginations. The children painted their hands for the base of a dinosaur. They then had to think about which dinosaur they wanted to create from their hand print. They created the rest of the dinosaur using stick on eyes, spikes and paint.

We created dinosaurs out of halved paper plates, toilet rolls and a stencil of a dino head and tail. We sponge painted these and mixed some of the colours. The sponge painting method always creates such beautiful patterns! These came out too adorably and will be kept for the Art Expo!

Cutting skills is a difficult skill to master and our Hoppers must practice, practice! We worked on our cutting skills, starting with cutting along 4 straight lines.

Even though it’s only July, we felt the Christmas spirit when making salt dough “Dino footprint fossil” Christmas tree ornaments. First we rolled out our salt dough, then cut out a shape using a cookie cutter. The Hoppers chose their favourite dinosaur and stamped its foot into their dough to make a footprint. After our ornaments had baked in the oven we sponge painted them! This activity was so much fun!

Our children love baking and our final activity to end off the theme was a hit. We made dinosaur eggs using marshmallows and Rice Krispies. We combined, Rice Krispies, butter and marshmallows. The children used their hands to roll out a dinosaur egg.

It has been a great two weeks.

Our theme next week will be: Space

Have a safe and lovely weekend!

Much love,

The Happy Hoppers Teachers


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