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Aug 6, 2021

Theme: Space

Colour: Orange

Number: Recap

Shape: Diamond

Letter: Nn

Moral Conscience: Keeping Promises

Dear Parents,

We had a lot of fun with this theme and really tapped into our imaginations, creating aliens and coming up with our own planets we would like to visit in our rockets as astronauts!

We started this week off with making a rocket. The children coloured their rockets in and used orange, red and yellow paper to stick on for “fire flames”.

Our Hoppers love dancing to songs and loved learning the words to the planet song. After we listened to the planet song the children were all hyped up and exited to start their Solar System artwork!

On Monday they painted stars on the background using toothbrushes. We experimented with the brushes and used them in different ways, some splattered the paint, some smeared it and others dabbed their stars on. The kiddies were so impressed with their stars.

On Tuesday, we were ready to colour in our Sun and planets, using chalk. We used a poster of the Solar System to see the colours of the planets, but of course, there were no colour scheme rules, their artistic flair took over in the best way! The Sun and planets were cut out and glued onto the twinkly star background.

On Wednesday we started with our Space Alien art piece, the children love doing activities where their imaginations can run wild! They used syringes to “blob” on some paint and then used straws to blow the paint around to create a splatter effect. Abstract painting allows children to be as free as they want and enjoy themselves to the max!

On Thursday the children completed their Aliens by decorating them with googly eyes, stickers, and glitter glue. This gave their aliens unique and awesome characters, just like our Hoppers!

Our “catch up school” and August holiday program will run for the next 4 weeks – communication will go out on the various groups.

Term 3 starts on the 7th of September.

Have a safe and lovely holiday!

Much love,

The Happy Hoppers Teachers.

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