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Healthy Eating, Etiquette and Manners

Feb 22, 2024


Healthy Eating, Etiquette & Manners









Ff – Food

This week we learnt about Healthy Eating, Etiquette, and Manners.  

We started the week off with a theme discussion about healthy and unhealthy food. We spoke about what is good for our bodies and what is not.   

We encouraged and helped the children to remember our magic words which are please, thank you and excuse me. We gave them examples of these actions and we continue to remind them about their manners every day and how important good manners are to have. 

 The Hoppers got up to some balancing on the tires at FunFit Sports this week with Coach Trevor and some “shot put” throwing as we are getting ready for our Sports Day. Coach Trevor loves our kids so much and the Hoppers excitement on their faces when they see coach it tells me they love him just as much.

 During the week we worked on more fine motor skills and number recognition with a fun counting activity. Our Hoppers had to trace over a number five with paint and then count out five bottle lids to paste next to our number five. This activity encouraged counting to number five as well as number recognition of number 5.  

 Our children also created an exciting piece of art this week all about fruit, but we have decided to keep it and only show it off at our art show. 

 It was a jammed packed short week, and we had lots of fun!!

 Next week our theme is: Safety 

 Have a safe and lovely Mid-term break. 


Have a wonderful long weekend!


 Dates to Diarise:

22 Feb: Mid-Term Break Up Day

23 – 26 Feb: Mid Term Break & Camping Weekend

27 Feb: Back to School

9 March: Sports Day

14 March: Pet Demo

15 March: Haircut Day

21 March: Public Holiday (Human Rights Day)

22 March: School Holiday

29 March – 1 April: Easter Weekend

11 April: Break Up Day

12 April: Holiday Club Starts



Lots of love

Teacher Katy, Teacher Cecilia and the Happy Hoppers Assistants

Our Healthy, Polite, Kind Hoppers!

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