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Healthy Eating, Etiquette and Manners

Feb 18, 2022


Healthy Eating, Etiquette and Manners









Ff – Food

This week we learnt about healthy eating, etiquette and manners. In the Hopper class we did many fun activities to reinforce the theme of the week and build our skills.

Here’s what we got up to this week;

We started the week off with a theme discussion about healthy and unhealthy food.  We spoke about what is good for our bodies and what is not. We discussed where each food item belonged; whether they are healthy or unhealthy.

We encouraged and helped the children work on their patience and sharing responsibilities, as well as working together as a team.  It is also a great way to reinforce our moral conscience theme of not interrupting and having manners, and to always say please and thank you.

Throughout the week we worked on some progressive artworks.

Our first piece focused on our number of the week and the letter ‘f’ for ‘fruit’ and ‘five’. The Hoppers started off by stamping their pineapple body, then they stamped a green handprint for the leaves. They also coloured in five circles and played a number recognition activity before gluing them in the correct order on their five printed fingers!

Our children also created the most adorable ‘f’ for ‘fish’ artworks! This activity also focused on our shape: rectangle, and our colour: orange. Our kiddies used rectangle sponges to stamp red and yellow, which they learnt created the colour orange. Mixing colours is always so much fun! To wrap it all up, they added some fins, a head, tail and of course, googly eyes!

Our final piece of art was a group effort. We created a ‘Healthy Foods Rainbow’. We started by looking for all different kinds of healthy foods and categorized them according to colour. The children then all had a helping hand in painting our rainbow and got to stick on the pictures according to the rainbow colours. Teamwork makes the dream work!!

Please remember Midterm Break! Friday 25th February and Monday 28th February, there will be no school on these two days.




Well done boys and girls!

 We are so pleased to say …

the Hoppers’ manners blow us away!


Dates to Diarise:


Rare Disease Day: 24 Feb

Mid-Term Break: 25th – 28th Feb

(no school, no Holiday Club)





Lots of love

Teacher Alexia, Teacher Kate-Lynn and the Happy Hoppers Assistants

Healthy Happy Kiddies!


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