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Land, Air and Sea Transport

Jun 7, 2024


Land, Air & Sea Transport






5 & Recap



Jj – Jet

We started off this week talking about various kinds of air, land, and sea transport. We also had so much fun pretending to be various kinds of transport. We spread our arms and were super-fast jets, we made “Choo-Choo sounds for a train and blew our horns to be a big ship.  

For our art, this week we coloured in a picture of a sailboat with wax crayons then we cut it out. On a separate piece of paper, we used tissue paper to create some water. We painted over tissue paper with water and let it dry and then after it dried, we pulled the tissue paper off which left behind a lovely blue colour to represent water. The Hoppers loved this activity. 

We played a hide and seek triangle game. Teacher Yolandie hid various triangles away in the class and when she held up their name cards, they had to recognise their name and then go look for a triangle in the class. Some Hoppers were able to recognise their names and others needed some help.  

Assessments are still on going at this stage.

On Friday for Yoga was dice day. Shaking the magic box and seeing what 2 poses we had to do and for how many seconds we had to hold it was very exciting. The poses included Camel, downward dog, cat, and cow pose. Forward bend, backward stretch table pose and relax pose.  

Our Hoppers did their cooking session on Thursday morning. They made apple boats with quarter apples with honey dripped over it and covered it with rice Krispies and cut cheese into triangles which they put onto a toothpick to represent a sail. This was a sticky affair but so much fun.  

  It has been such a wonderful week!  

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Next week’s theme is: Father’s Day and Sport 



We wanna know folks ... what is your DREAM car?


 Dates to Diarise:

14 June: Bike-A-Thon

16 June: Youth Day

17 June: Youth Day Holiday

19 June: Hearing Tests

28 June: Book Character Dress Up Day & Mid Term Break Up Day

8 July: Back To School




Lots of love

Teacher C, Teacher Yolandi and the Happy Hoppers Assistants 

Our Hoppers!

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