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Jul 21, 2023











Nn – Night

What a fun, exciting two weeks we have had! Last week was all about concert and we are so proud of all our Hoppers, they are all superstars.

We had a lot of fun with this theme and really tapped into our imagination coming up with our own planets we would like to visit in our rockets as astronauts. 

Our Hoppers love dancing to songs and loved learning the words to the planet song. After we listened to the planet song the children were all hyped up and excited to start their Solar System and Galaxy space rockets artworks! 

We started off with our awesome space galaxy art, the Hoppers got to choose what colours they wanted and used earbuds and paintbrushes to splash paint onto black paper. The children then made their rockets by pasting different shapes onto the paper. These looked so amazing, we decided to keep them for art expo. 

For the next piece of art, they coloured in the sun and planets so beautifully. 

We used a poster of the Solar System to see the colours of the planets, but of course, there were no colour scheme rules, their artistic flair took over in the best way! Later on, in the week the hoppers worked on their pasting skills by glueing the sun and planets onto a paper plate that we sponge painted with black paint and lots of sparkly glitter.  

We focused on our letter of the week. We read all about Noisy Nick and all the noise he likes to make. The rest of the week we finished off our art and watched some space videos and some astronauts in space, and even a space rocket launch. This was so exciting to watch, and our Hoppers loved it.  

For fun fit sports this week, the Hoppers did an obstacle course with Coach Trevor using the jungle gym, the loved this and did so well when they got to the monkey bars. Well done Hoppers. 

Thank you for all the donations for Mandela day, hope you all have a lovely weekend and all out sick Hoppers recover this weekend and see you all Monday! 


Keep Warm!


 Dates to Diarise: 

8 Aug: Pyjama Dress Up Day

8 Aug: Break Up Day

9 Aug: Public Holiday

10 Aug: Holiday Club Starts

1 Sept: Holiday Club Ends

6 Sept: Term 3 Starts!



Lots of love

Teacher Kate-Lynn, Teacher Katy and the Happy Hoppers Assistants

We Love Our Hoppers To The Moon and Back!

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