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Travel and Holidays

Nov 22, 2021


Travel & Holidays









Hh – Holiday

This theme got us thinking of warm seas, ocean breeze and holiday vibes … by the end of the week we were all itching to go on holiday!

 During ring time we spoke about our favourite travel destinations. We also spoke about the 7 continents and named them. Throughout the week we reiterated this through a song. This is a tricky thing to understand but by the end of the week the children started to get the idea.

 We spoke about all the necessary things that we need to take on holiday.  We also explained the use of a passport. We created our own passports and did a role-play travel excursion. We told all the children that we were traveling from Africa to South America for a quick view of the Machu Picchu Temple.  We then flew over North America and Europe, landing in Australia to visit the Kangaroos and Koala Bears, then back to Africa. We would need our passports to go out of South Africa and get into another country and we would have to wait in a line to go through border control. In order to get to these places, we of course had to fly, so we all strapped in and “flew” around the school until we reached our destinations. The children loved this role play activity and were able to understand why a passport is important.

 We worked on our fine motor skills and pencil grip by writing our own names in the passports and we did a travel worksheet where the children had to trace over the word “travel”. Once they finished tracing they had to colour in their “globe”.

 It was a great week!


I packed my trunk and in it I put ...

This game is so much fun to play with your kiddies during those long hours in the car on the way to your holiday destination! 

Plus … it is great way to boost their memory skills!


There are two things children should get from there parents:




Please remember:

Christmas boxes for your child’s art

Flash sticks for reports

To complete the Holiday Club Google form



Lots of love

The Happy Hopper Teachers and Assistants

Pack your bags and take a trip through our week!


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