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Under The Sea

Nov 3, 2023


Under The Sea


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Uu – Under

We love our Oceans, and our Hopper’s do too.  Over the past two weeks, we learned and discussed many facts and concerns about our oceans. 

Here are some “did you know facts” about our awesome oceans. 

– The majority of life on earth is aquatic.  

– Less than 5% of the planet’s oceans have been explored. 

– The world’s longest mountain chain is underwater. 

– Plastic is the most common pollutant found in our Oceans. 

It is up to us to protect our oceans and the sea life that occupies our oceans. We are so proud of how much our Hoppers care about our planet, and they enjoyed the art activities we had planned. 

What a fun, jam-packed two-week we have had with this theme. 

We put our fine motor, visual perceptual and creative skills to the test with all the fun activities we did.  

The Hoppers loved creating their jellyfish. They decorated a paper plate cut in half with finger painting. The hoppers then practised their fine motor skills, threading wool into punched holes to make the legs of the jellyfish and googly eyes to finish him off. They are super cute! For our next art activity, we created amazing shark sensory bottles. The children added some glitter, orbees, some seaweed (green material), water and a foam shark to a plastic bottle and shook it all up. Our Hoppers loved this activity and put their fine motor skills to the test by scooping the glitter and putting it into the bottle.  

Assessments for year-end have been going well. We are so proud of all our Hoppers! 

At FunFit Sports, Coach Trevor assessed the kiddos in different activities …  running, jumping, throwing and catching… The Hoppers did an amazing job in each activity. Well done! 

At yoga this week, using the hands and feet cards, we focused on problem-solving. This activity stimulates the Prefrontal cortex part of the brain and the Anterior cingulate cortex, which manages potential solutions to the challenge. The object is similar to Twister. The highlight of today’s yoga class was that I had a hole in my sock! 🤣🧦 

For cooking, we made delicious fish cupcakes. We decorated vanilla cupcakes with icing and then lay smarties on them to look like scales. Our Hoppers could not wait to gobble them all up J 

Our theme next week will be Shops and Shopping. 

Please can we have your 5 shopping items no later than Monday.  

Have a safe and lovely Weekend. 




 Dates to Diarise: 

7 Nov: Haircut Day

8 Nov: Shopping Activity (during school)

10 Nov: CC Entrepreneur Market

15 Nov: HH Outing

22 Nov: SS Graduation

24 Nov: CC & SS Outings



Lots of love

Teacher Kate-Lynn, Teacher Katy and the Happy Hoppers Assistants

Our ‘SCHOOL’ of Hoppers!

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